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14 years ago
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14 years ago
This is really outrageous! I need to restart my Firefox many times a day because
of this bug!

I have three-button-mouse. I have a habit to click many links with middle button
in order to open that link to new tab. I have configured my Firefox so that
middle-button of mouse open a link to nrew tab.

This happens too often: I click some link with middle button. Mouse cursor shows
hour glass few seconds. Tabs goes weird: New tabs do not appear. Old tabs can be
chosen and then they can be closed via that tab closing icon located in the end
of tab row. Only way to see those new tabs that were opened _after_ tabs went
messy is to close all other tabs via that tab closing icon. But tab row really
don't show those tabs althougt the contents of each tabs are shown.

I think this way you can make this bug happen: Choose some WWW-page that has
many links that opens page to new window when clicked normally with left button
of mouse and normal links, too. Now, click many links with middle button, both
normal links and those that open to new window. Keep you eye on tab row and your
mouse cursor. When you see both of these happening, you have reproduced my bug:

- Mouse cursor shows hour glass few seconds
- tab row do not not change

After that click tab closing icon many times. You'll see also that page that you
just opened but tab row don't show its title.

Comment 1

14 years ago
imho not a bug, but a feature.
Firefox and mozilla show only a certain number of tabs at the same time. It's
easy to see that if a user keeps opening new tabs that at one point the
graphical interpretation will become too small to be useful [i.e., clickable].

It's a simple matter of available space.

You can move through tabs using shortcut combinations as 

Two ways to go with this
1) mark it as wontfix
2) redesign the UI, such that it shows some sort of an "expand" button, to list
the tabs that fall of the screen.

Reporter, have you searched if this was already reporter earlier?

Comment 2

14 years ago
Patrick, you completely misunderstood me: Even as few as five tabs may cause
this bug.

I really have seen how tabs looks like if dozens of tabs are opened. UI redesign
may bee good idea. For example Galeon has arrows pointing to left and right.
They are use to scroll tabs to left and right.

I did not search for similar bugs, because it was too hard to find suitable
search terms.

Comment 3

14 years ago
(In reply to comment #2)
> Patrick, you completely misunderstood me: Even as few as five tabs may cause
> this bug.

How can i misunderstand you if that's not part of your initial bug report? :o
You say "I have a habit to click many links with middle button
in order to open that link to new tab." hence my assumption.

Anyway, can you provide a screenshot? Are you using any themes?

Comment 4

14 years ago
I use default theme, that makes those widgets to look like current Gtk-theme. I
just got screenshots. Gtk-theme I am using, makes widgets to look like NextStep.

This time bug appeared in a different way:

I just closed one tab. The second tab from left was closed:

Other tabs did not change their size at all. Bolded text of third tab goes a
little bit over right border of that tab.

I closed another tab:

Then I created at least two new tab:

Contents of that latest tab are shown, but tab row do not show that tab at all.

I chose other tab with Ctrl-PageUp or Ctrl-pageDown:

In this case that bolded text of chosen tab goes really badly over the border of
that tab.

Comment 5

14 years ago
hmmm....never seen it like that, if only i could get my wireless network to run
under Linux....

Anyway, what Linux are you using, what window manager?
Maybe your chrome is messed up. Does the problem also occur when you test it
with a clean profile?
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