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14 years ago
We need an update for the Download page for 2.18, including instructions on how
to install, and possibly a pointer to the Release Notes for update warnings and
additional information.

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14 years ago
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Download 2.18

Download 2.18 - http://bugzilla-web.cso.me.uk/download/

Would require one slight change on release - the file size is listed as x.y MB
as I don't know what size the tarball is.
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Download 2.18

OK, a few nits on this...  :)

We should keep the #candidate anchor even if we don't have one, in case people
bookmarked it.	We can comment out the link to it at the top, and just move the
actual anchor alongside stable when we do that.  Speaking of which, I'm
wondering where the #devel anchor went to...

But we still have a release candidate, because 2.20rc1 is about ready to go,
too, so we should include that, or alternately, 2.19.2, depending on how close
we are when we're actually ready to roll with 2.18.  I'm actually leaning
towards 2.19.2 at the moment, since we'll likely need a week or so yet to get
release notes and whatnot caught up for 2.20.  So we should probably add in a
devel section for 2.19.2.

There will be a 2.16.8 release concurrent with 2.18, so the links in the "old
stable" section need to be updated for 2.16.8.

And we're getting rid of the 2.14 links, FINALLY!!! :)	Yay!
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14 years ago
(In reply to comment #2)  
> Speaking of which, I'm wondering where the #devel anchor went to...  
It's a bit further down the page... I never touched that one. 

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14 years ago
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Download 2.18 V2

Take 2, same URL as before.

Adds 2.16.8, 2.19.2 and 2.18

The file size for 2.18, 2.19.2, 2.16.8 and the 2 patch files need to be
updated, as does the link to 2.19.2 feature update which I've changed to point
at the new status update.
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Ah, ok.  I was just looking at the patch, and thought it would have been next to
one of the ones you did touch, but I guess not. :)


14 years ago

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14 years ago
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Download 2.18 Take 3

Download 2.18/2.16.8/2.19.2 Take 3

Fixed a couple of instances where I forgot to change a reference to 2.16.7 to
be 2.16.8 and changed the CVS tag for 2.18 per a conversation with justdave on
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14 years ago
Assignee: justdave → colin.ogilvie
Last Resolved: 14 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

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14 years ago
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Download 2.18 Take 3

Release is done, review no longer necessary. :-) Page was used with some minor
modifications. :-)
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