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Tree documentation: setCellText and redrawing.

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13 years ago
This is relations to bug 278484.
Thee is little documentation for the tree object out there, but I learned this
bit and with bz's blessing I am filing a bug an bit about setCellText and redrawing.

Unlike many other controls the data for the tree.view is stored in a custom data
type that the developer defines. The developer needs to write a
contructor/prototype for the view of any tree and apply to that view.
The function with teh constructor are responsible for manipulating and
maintaining the data. Basically they are get, set and functions of the tree.view

As of today the best place to figure out how the tree works is look at the
pageinfo.js and pageinfo.xul of Seamonkey release 1.8a6 (look at the attachments).

As I learned from the esteemed bz the developer is responsible for setting up a
way to have tree redrawn when the underlying data has been changed. 
That can be done by issuing of the invalidate functions after the change has
There are many invalidate methods available: invalidate(), invalidateCell(row,
column),and etc..

The attachment above show several implementations and gives you a general idea
on how to use them.

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13 years ago
Created attachment 171365 [details]
Tree refresh samples

Draft 0.1. Sample xul and JS file to demostrate how to uset setCellText and
invalidate methods of the tree.view


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4 years ago
This seems like a XUL feature, so Mozilla-internal documentation.
What's the good component/product for that?
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