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13 years ago
I almost repasted the letter I sent to a while back, but
decided to rewrite it instead.  If you don't want to read the long version, I
just want to make sure it's ok to keep the name [1]. 
Also, I'd like to know if it was possible for us to use one of these "proposed"
logos for our wiki:

For the story, read on...

I've got this "Mozilla Materials" project going on, a few of you may know about
it.  We had moved from the wiki when it became buggy and very
slow (oddly, the day after we left they re-fixed it and now it's fine, but still
just a knowledgebase) to the wiki.  After some talks with
Rebron, it was realized that this is a "Developers Only Wiki" and that
SpreadFirefox was for the end users marketing.  While the spreadfirefox idea had
been looked into, it still wasn't feasable as it was running on a broken (the
image links are bad and some other things) installation of TWiki.  As our pages
were already formatted for MediaWiki, and Raiph had found Wikicities, I applied
for a Wikicity (

This was rejected for being "too small".  The suggestion to expand the focus was
made, and so mozilla community (a wiki for all mozilla type stuff, which is not
completely defined but "try it and we'll see") was born.
was the domain, and I forgot all about the whole trademark/licensing deal.  I
contacted licensing hoping to see if it was ok to use the domain, and when I got
a response it said that they were preparing a document.  As it's been a while
since that, I noticed this (new?) trademark usage request thing and decided to
use it.

As well, I was hoping to be able to use a logo with the word "Mozilla" or
"Mozwiki" or something like that, and preferabily with the 'dino' or, if that's
not ok, the 'bare globe' used in things like "Level of use: 2" [2] and this
really terrible example:

>> Domain Names
>> Section 2
You'll be pleased to hear that we now have an agreement you can sign to get
permission to do this. Thank you very much for your patience in this matter.

You can get the document here:
I apologise that it's only a PDF at the moment; I hope to get an HTML version up

If you would like to use a Foundation trademark as part of your domain name, you
just need to fill in a copy, return it to us by postal mail, and wait for the reply.

If you have any questions, please contact



13 years ago
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