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a view-source windows should show the source of a streamed page


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Windows XP




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in the link a "count down" is done from 60 to 1 representing 60 seconds as an
example of streamed data...

until the page completely loads the source won't show, in the event of streaming
data this means till the entire stream finishes the source won't show. (stop
button is of no help since viewing source after a stop just reloads the page in
the source screen restarting the connection and download.)

version 1.0.1

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.go to the url
2.while the counter is going view source ti freeze the view source till the counter hits 1

Actual Results:  
it frooze up view source till 1 was hit

Expected Results:  
should view upto last data (number in example) at time of view source selection.

things like realtime streaming are effected very badly, an example is the
project i dev PHP:IRC on sourceforge which streams to the browser. if a person
wants to see the source they can't see whats going on till it fully loads which
is not very good for debugging.

most other browsers shot the source up to the point fo clicking the view source

why not have the view source area streamed as the page loads this would fix the
problem + be a feature of seeing the source as the page loads which down the
road will help in future debug reports when people see that x site is fine up
till x line loads.

would also help keep bogus reports out from ones that just had bad
html/javascript/what ever messing up their site and they mistake it for a FF bug.

marked critical that it hangs the view source area.

if the page is in cache the streaming won't work unless you specificly refresh.
Are you streaming? Or sending one page very slowly?

See Bug 261783 "Malformed HTML causes memory leak and eventual crash"; and 
perhaps more helpfully, any of the 'server push' bugs; but I may be on the wrong
it's streaming, if you have php available with apache or similar httpd
to test it out in a real life usage

there is also no memory leaking. (as far as i know that is, i just tried
intentionaly to make the bug in your reply with my code to see if that is the
cause and couldn't get a memory leak or a crash.)

the browser does not completely freeze, just the view source tab or window
freezes the rest is ok and i can do normal stuff while this goes on except that
tab/window showing the source. it happens at the point just before loading the
source into the window. basicly the same place when viewing source would reload
the page on a new connection in a past bug.

in the source tab/window the right click menu still shows, the top menu for
file/edit/view works. and the area where the source should be is the tan
background color you see just before the rendering of the window/source kicks in.

the only remote way i can see there to be a memory "leak" is while the data is
sent the memory for the stream is kept in use but once the stream ends all of
that is released so it's not really a leak it's a ligit use of the memory since
it needs memory to do it's stuff and it is released after.

the image might explain it better that i'm going to try to attach...
this shows the bug in action as a screen shot mid-stream and view source
weirding out.
Blocks: 288462
It doesn't actually freeze it, just nothing shows. You can still close the
window and access other browser windows.

I think this is going to end up invalid, though. I expect that when I open View
Source I get the entire source of the document, not what's been loaded so far.
However, it may be useful to have a loading message like Print Preview has.
Severity: critical → normal
No longer blocks: 288462
The "view-sopurce" window seems to render it's content much slower than the
actual HTML renderer. While content immeadiately seemed to appear in the source
window, the window did not react on Alt+Tab (Select this window), nor did it
repain its content. Only after a very long time (>30 seconds on a 700MHz
Pentium) a blinking cursor appeared and the window responded normally. This is
for Firefox 1.0.3 with Winows/XP SP2 and current updates. The HTML source is
mainly a table with 6 text columns and about 780 rows. No row has more than 80

If view source must be that slow, there should be a progress indicator at least.
Confirming on Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.8b2)
Gecko/20050530 Firefox/1.0+, changing summary to 'a view-source windows should
show the source of a streamed page'
Ever confirmed: true
Summary: view source locked up/freezes → a view-source windows should show the source of a streamed page
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Whiteboard: DUPEME
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Product: Firefox → Toolkit
Severity: normal → S3
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