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Add dist/sdk/include to the include path by default


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(Reporter: benjamin, Assigned: benjamin)


Frozen header files end up in dist/sdk/include. This directory should be in the
include path by default, so that if you're only using frozen headers, you don't
need to specify a REQUIRES= line.
Hmm... there are some conflicting header files though, and when using the Gecko
SDK, it is necessary to #define MOZILLA_STRICT_API.  I agree that we should do
something to make it easy to use dist/sdk/include inside our source tree, but
I'm not sure that we should expose it normally.  I think we should instead
consider a Makefile define that can be used to select a mode where the
MOZILLA_STRICT_API is used.  Then we can allow people to still opt into using
unfrozen interfaces via REQUIRES.  Or, we could try to make our Gecko SDK
headers do something sane when MOZILLA_STRICT_API is not defined.  Hmm...
There are multiple/different header files with the same name!? Why?
This got fixed with bug 288626, if you *don't* have MOZILLA_INTERNAL_API defined.
Closed: 19 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: Core → Firefox Build System
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