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The correct syntax for url()-specified CSS cursors says that to use a
url()-defined cursor, it must be one option in a list that ends with a cursor
value listed in the CSS specification[1] (e.g., pointer, auto, wait, help,
etc.).  Examples of the proper syntax are:

<style type="text/css">
p { cursor: url(,auto; }

<span style="cursor:url(,auto"></span>

However, the syntax specified at the site is an IE-specific alternate which
allows for the omission of the fallback cursor.  This is against the spec, but
unfortunately most instructions on specifying custom cursors omit the fallback
value.  Examples of the syntax which should be displayed (and which needs to be
changed on the site in question) are:

<style type="text/css">
p { cursor: url(; }

<span style="cursor:url(;"></span>

Particularly now that code to support such CSS code has been checked into the
tree and will be in Firefox 1.1, we need to get this site to update its
instructions so that new pages will display properly in all browsers. 
Preferably, the person to make contact with the page's author should be familiar
with the CSS specification as it deals with cursors so that we get the
description of cursor syntax corrected properly.

Note that while the implementation of this is properly done in the testcase on
this page, the displayed syntax is of the top type.  Thus, the displayed syntax
needs to be corrected, not the syntax actually in use.

It's also worth pointing out at the same time that currently Mozilla doesn't
support ANI cursors, though it does support CUR, static GIF, all the flavors of
PNG that I could find, and BMP formats for custom cursors.

Whiteboard: [invalid-css-cursor]
The site needs to be contacted for changing the doc. It needs someone taking the lead. :)
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Whiteboard: [invalid-css-cursor] → [invalid-css-cursor] [contactready] [doc]
As far as I can tell the examples have a fallback now
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