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Georgian list numbering is wrong


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Our Georgian list numbering is wrong.  See:

Steps to reproduce:
 1. load

Actual results: first list matches, second one doesn't
Expected results: second list matches, first one doesn't

I'm cc:ing the two people who have volunteered for Georgian localization.  I'd
appreciate if they could confirm that our current behavior is incorrect and that
we should make this change.
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I confirm. The Georgian numbering should indeed be lowercase.

Georgian uppercase range in Unicode is mainly resevred for old Georgisn script, 
that was used centuries ago.
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Fix checked in to trunk, 2005-03-22 15:27 -0800.
Closed: 19 years ago
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There is no lowercase/uppercase in Georgian at all, but different Alphabets.

Character-Number correspondence scheme for Georgian is based on old Asomtavruli.
 [Unfortunately] contemporary 10E3 is missed - see
So, sequences from 10B3(400) in source and correspondingly in patch aren't valid.
Agree with John Cowan regarding Mkhedruli - that was usual practice for medieval
Georgian script (mainly for dates).  Patch applied.

P.S. For new localization voluteer - if there are no remarks/corrections NO
confirmations needed nor for earlier, nor for this, nor for my future patches in
any lists!
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According to the URL in comment 6, 50 and 60 are also backwards.  Should that be
corrected as well?
Actually, that URL disagrees about 50 and 60 between the characters given and
the Hex values given.
So, I think the following errors exist:
 * swaps the Hex values for 50 and 60 but gets
the characters correct (I'm guessing it's that way because of the Obsolete
notation and because it's a lot easier to check the characters if you know the
 * Opera gets 400 wrong (uses U+10E3 instead of U+10F3) but otherwise agrees

Could you (and others?) just confirm that those two errors are as-stated (which
is what your patch does, I think) and not the other way around?
I committed your patch, but I'd still appreciate answers to the questions in
comment 11 so that we can improve css3-lists.
Right, HEX values missed between 50 & 60.  i check table.
U+10E3 instead of U+10F3 is "free interpretation" by Opera, but it could accepted.
Patch must be OK (You can use U+10E3 instead of U+10F3 for full compatibility
with Opera)
As i mentioned initial character-number correspondence was wrong in source - so
Your new attachment must based on right sequence of old Georgian letters.
(In reply to comment #6)
> P.S. For new localization voluteer - if there are no remarks/corrections NO
> confirmations needed nor for earlier, nor for this, nor for my future patches
> in any lists!

The issue Reporter asked for confirmation.

Do any of the others here have opinions on which character is better to use for
400?  Compatibility with Opera is probably only a minor concern if we should
worry about it at all.
(In reply to comment #15)
> nor for earlier, nor for this, nor for !!!my!!! future patches in any lists!
I think we should leave it the correct way and I will have the issue reported 
and corrected to Opera Software.
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