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Do not copy "important" (stalk) messages to network tab when present and active in channel they occur in


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When I'm in a channel, actively talking to people, I do not want lines there
that include my name to be copied to the network tab. Right now I'm constantly
focusing this tab to clear the red label so that I _do_ notice when other
important stuff comes in.
I suggest that when:
1) The tab where the stalk match happens is focused.
2) You have been active in this tab in the last x seconds/minutes (configurable?
probably better try to choose a sane value - something like 1 minute) as
evidenced by having switched to this tab or entered input during that time.
3) /away isn't set.
...the stalk match will not be copied to the network tab.

ReadMe thinks this should be configurable with several options ("don't copy from
active channel, always copy when away"). I think my proposal is simply the way
to go and that everyone would want it (plus follow the Hixie school of thought
on this that you need a _really_ good reason to add more prefs), but in the end
I'd be happy with either way, as long as the requested behaviour is possible.
I would love to not have to switch to the network view just to clear the red
too, but there are some points.

  - we can't get an idle time comparable with native clients.
  - if we do decide to do a "ChatZilla idle time" (which I don't like), we must
tread very carefully.
  - we currently supress some sound events, see here:

While I also agree adding prefs is generally bad, I'm not sure we will be able
to do this one well enough to get away with none.
i've done a patch to not copy the messages if they are sent tot he active tab
and you are not away.

Any opinions on this before i request a review?
ok, now it still copies if the window isnt focused - and the comment explains
whats going on.
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I don't bother with /away, and I don't want to lose messages just because they
happened to be on the active tab, so I'd have to give it a thumbs down.

It also makes that expression far too difficult to parse... or even explain.  7
terms in a single expression is too much.

I might agree with an "only while away" modifier to "copy important messages",
though.  It might surface in the UI as a submenu...

Copy important messages...
  O Never
  * Always
  O Only while away

The "copyMessages" pref could become a string that represented one of those
three states.  The code would have to deal with the old boolean pref gracefully,
of course.
(In reply to comment #4)
> Copy important messages...
>   O Never
>   * Always
>   O Only while away

good choices.
default should be always, which I assume you are indicating with the "*"
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