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File, edit and view menus missing from chatzilla


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The file, edit and view menus are missing from chatzilla with linux suite trunk
2005060403.  They were there with 2005060301, so I'm guessing this is fallout
from bug 295711.
Severity: normal → critical
Flags: blocking-seamonkey1.0a?
WFM, Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.8b2) Gecko/20050605
The menus usually don't appear if a startup JS error occurs, which will trigger
a popup dialog with the error in it. If you don't see that, check the Mozilla
console (NOT JS Console) when starting CZ with browser.dom.window.dump.enabled
no JS errors in the console with dump enabled.
Does CZ actually work otherwise, then? 'cos that would be very odd indeed.

What is in the menubar according to DOMI?
> Does CZ actually work otherwise, then? 'cos that would be very odd indeed.

yes, it's fully functional other than the lack of menus

> What is in the menubar according to DOMI?

all of the menus are in the menubar.  the CSS styles being applied appear to be
the same.  The only difference I noticed was that in the computed style pane,
the missing menus have "height:auto" and the visible menus had "height:16px".

I also backed out xul.css change from bug 295711 to test it out and the menus
came back.  But that seems strange since DOMI showed that the missing menus have
Ok, so this isn't actually a CZ bug.

It sounds like the empty menu CSS stuff I remember from the DOMI landing is
being applied initially and not correctly updated when ChatZilla adds the items
to these menus.
I can see this on Windows now, dunno why it worked before.

Anyway, bug 98997 needs a-fixin'. I'm leaving this one open to catch dups, but
technically this bug is a dup of 98997.
Depends on: 98997
OS: Linux → All
Depends on: 295711
Silver, can I suggest that you add the <menupopup> statically, and populate *it*
dynamically? That way the :empty designation will not affect you.
That seems fairly logical (though wrong ;) ). I'll try to do a patch by this
evening, if no-one beats me.
bsmedberg, you're lucky the Menu Manager in CZ copes with the <menupopup/>
already existing. ;)
Assignee: rginda → silver
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Checked in --> FIXED.
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