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Switching collections clears search field but not search results



Camino Graveyard
12 years ago
12 years ago


(Reporter: Smokey Ardisson (offline for a while; not following bugs - do not email), Assigned: Simon Fraser)



There are two "groups" of collections, each of which maintain separate search
results: History, and all the rest.  

This results in three *slightly* different sets of results depending on the way
 you switch collections:

1. Select History, perform a search
2. Switch to any other collection.  Note the search field is empty and the full
contents of said collection appears.
3. Switch back to history.  Note the search field is empty but the results of
the previous search are still shown.
4. Clear the search field to really forget the search.

5. Select one of the other collections, perform a search.
6. Select another one of the collections (not history)
7. Note the search field is empty but the search results from the *other
collection* are still shown.
8. Switch back to the original collection; note the field is empty but the
results are still shown.

9. Perform a new search, switch to history
10. Note the search field is empty and all history is shown (if you preformed
step 4; otherwise, the results of the search in step 1 are still shown)
11. Switch back the the original collection; again, the field is empty but the
results of search in step 9 are still shown.
12. Clear the search again; you're done illustrating the quirks.

Expected results: Either 
a) clear the search field and results when switching collections, or 
b) preserve the search field and show the results of using that search term on
the new collection (instead of showing the results from the original collection)

a) is probably the simplest; b) might make some power users happy, but since
they haven't found/filed this bug yet....


12 years ago
Assignee: pinkerton → sfraser_bugs

Comment 1

12 years ago
Fixed the easy way (by clearing the search results).
Last Resolved: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Mike/Simon: This fix (and others Simon checked in on the afternoon of the 23rd)
still haven't shown up in the official nightly from the 26th; is there something
up with the build machines?
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