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Need option to avoid multipart/x-mixed-replace content type.


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Windows 2000
Not set





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Just tried to access for the first time since converting
to use Firefox rather than IE6.

When I did a query, instead of the expected list of bugs (which I still get if I
dig out IE6), I got a response from the corporate firewall apparently
complaining about the non-standard content type being used:

WatchGuard firewall: Response denied from Unsafe content type

Therefore landfill (and presumably any other non-https bugzillas) are
inaccessible to me.

I would find it useful to have a way to persuade bugzilla to respond to me in
the same way it does to IE6, even when I'm using Firefox. Alternatively if there
is a way to get the same effect without using a non-standard content type that
could be even better.
I discovered that changing "/buglist.cgi?" to "/buglist.cgi?serverpush=0&" in
the query string has something like the desired effect.

A user pref to automatically insert this would be useful...

... unless there is another way of doing serverpush using a standard content-type.
Thanks for the advice, it helped me solve the problem with Firefox 3.6.17 on Windows XP which could not display bug list from mozilla 4.0.1. It can be easily hardcoded if the server is yours: And the lines around the one to change are very interesting.
This looks like uncommon enough to not warrant a option/preference to turn server-push off. You can manually add serverpush=0 to the URL if that's really an issue for you.
Closed: 7 years ago
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I needed to reinstall bugzilla this year. So I switched to newest version and needn't to change anything on server. Things just work fine. Maybe firefox has grown out of this kind of problem. So won't fix seems to be the right ending.
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