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[PP] 99020415: Incorrect layout in image


(Core :: Layout: Tables, defect, P2, minor)






(Reporter: scurtis, Assigned: karnaze)




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RedHat 5.2, 2.0.36 kernel, fvwm

The top of the intel page has a tab-like image that spans most of the page. With
the Feb04 viewer on other platforms and with IE & Navigator 4.x, it looks
normal. With the Linux build, though, there's a space between the image's two
rows (the upper one says "contents | search | contact us | support" and the
lower reads "Home computing | business computing | product info.") It looks like
there's a partial image at the left end of the gap, and the "intel" logo that
appears at the right side of the image is laid out crooked. Overall, it justs
looks wrong.
QA Contact: 1698
Summary: 99020415: Incorrect layout in image → [PP] 99020415: Incorrect layout in image
Platform parity, it sounds like, so adding [PP] to summary.
Closed: 21 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
Looks fine to me under NT, and there's no indication of which platforms it
displays correctly on and which it doesn't

All of layout is XP, so if it's wrong on only one platform then it's probably
not a layout problem
Resolution: WORKSFORME → ---
The platform it was reported against (see above) is Linux. The "other platforms"
in the original description refer to Windows (95) and Mac (8.1), so it's not at
all surprising that it looks normal to you on your NT box.

If it's not layout, please change the component. I'm helping out the browser
group by writing obvious bugs for 5 chosen sites, and I have no idea what
component to make it. If you've a better guess, please change it. Reopening.
Clearing resolution.
Closed: 21 years ago21 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
No, I have way too much to do to process bugs for QA. You guys need to properly
narrow the bug down
eli or beth - if you have a better idea of the correct component and/or
engineer for this bug, pls reassign and change. Thanks.
Component: Layout → HTMLTables
Resolution: INVALID → ---
Changed Component category to HTMLTables. Also, bug is now narrowed down and
isolated to the above URL (http://slip/projects/marvin/bugs/intel4_bug.html).
In isolated version, there is one table with 2 rows and each row has two
columns. The table has a width of 582 pixels and contains 10 images.

1st row, 1st column: row width = 484 and contains 5 images with widths of 112,
102, 123, 104 and 43 (total of 484).
1st row, 2nd column: row width = 98 and contains 1 image with width of 98.
2nd row, 1st column: row width = 470 and contains 3 images with widths of 170,
180, and 120 (total of 470).
2nd row, 2nd column: row width = 14 and contains 1 image with width of 14.

Expected result: The images should fit within the specified widths of the
columns and within the table width.

Actual result: In Linux, the 'curveone.gif' appears not to fit in specified
width and wraps to next line.

Reopening bug.
QA Contact: 1698 → 4110
changing QA contact to
Assignee: troy → karnaze
Were this not just on Linux, I'd think it would be a duplicate of 2954 ["Last
image in this table row doesn't fit in table row (drawn below)"]

But, it's probably related.
Assignee: karnaze → ramiro
Reassigning to Ramero since it is linux only.
Assignee: ramiro → karnaze
I just tried this on apr 6 builds of both nt and linux.

Both look almost identical.  However, they both dont look like 4.5.  The table
that is using at the top of their site is not laying out as they
expect on gecko.

So, it seems to me this is an XP 4.5 compatibility table layout issue.  A low
priority thing at this time, I would think.

It would be useful if someone in QA could isolate a test case locally.

Reassigning back to
OS: Linux → All
changing os to all
Target Milestone: M6
Moving to M8.
Could someone please attach the test case to this bug so that we can see it from
outside the Netscape intranet? Thanks!
Attached file Simplest Testcase
Whiteboard: [TESTCASE] border = 0 still makes space
Apparently an image in a link with a border set to 0 still makes a space for
a border. . . . on my way to getting that gecko doll =)
Whiteboard: [TESTCASE] border = 0 still makes space → [TESTCASE]
The behaviour visible in the second test case is actually correct and is a
duplicate of bug 5821. It is nothing to do with border=0, it has a lot to do
with the inline box model of CSS2 (see bug 5821 for a detailed analysis).

I would tentatively guess that the bug at intel is actually the same thing.
I cannot easily check it now, but to see if the problem is the same on the
intel page, add the following after the <TITLE></TITLE> line:

   <BASE HREF="">
   <STYLE TYPE="text/css">
      IMG { vertical-align: bottom; }

...then save the file locally and open it in Mozilla. If the problem goes away,
then mark this bug as a duplicate of bug 5821.
Moving to M9.
Closed: 21 years ago21 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Yes, another duplicate of bug 5821.

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 5821 ***
Verified Duplicate
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