When upgrading extensions don't work until a restart is performed

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With the checkin of bug 300731 the extensions.ini file is deleted on each
upgrade. The EM's checkForMismatches only loads the extension datasource during
a x.x+ upgrade and this will recreate the extensions.ini file early in the
startup process. Now that this has changed extensions are not loaded without
restarting once after upgrading nightly builds. I haven't looked deeply into
what would be the best way to fix this but the following in checkForMismatches
worked for me.

>     var extensionsList = getFile(KEY_PROFILEDIR, [FILE_EXTENSION_MANIFEST]);
>-    if (!extensionsList.exists())
>-      needsRestart = true;
>+    if (!extensionsList.exists()) {
>+      this._updateExtensionsManifest(true);
>+      needsRestart = true;
>+    }

I won't have time until this evening to look into this further
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After checking this out in a debug build I think this is a better way to go.
Farther along the EM wants a restart due to recreating the extensions.ini at
that point and has already hit the limit.
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14 years ago
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I'm not sure I understand why this patch is correct... if we deleted the
extensions.ini we almost certainly *do* want to force a restart.
There are a couple of places where a restart is requested. This is from
checkForMismatches where with this patch if there are incompatible items a
restart is requested and without it a restart is also requested if the
extensions.ini does not exist... note that the code does not attempt to create
the extensions.ini at this time.

A restart is also requested in start and as the idl for start states
   * @returns true if the application has rewritten the extensions.ini file
   *          and needs to restart to register components/chrome etc, 
   *          false otherwise

So, it requests a restart in checkForMismatches and then when it requests a
restart in start it has already max'd out the number of restarts permitted.

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14 years ago
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ok, makes sense
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14 years ago
Fixed on trunk for 1.8b4
Last Resolved: 14 years ago
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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox1.1
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
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