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Disk image background image is confusing (dmg)


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I just saw the new disk image packaging for the first time (on a branch build).

I think the new disk image background is just plain confusing. I see that it's
trying to communicate to the user about dragging Camino to the Applications
folder and ejecting the disk image without using text, but it took me too long
to figure that out. I think many users will try to interact with components of
the blue "instructions", and just get frustrated.

Also, the big "eyeball" with the camino icon in the center is scarey-looking.
Attached image What it looks like
One thing I've seen on another disk image is to actually create a symlink to
/Applications on the disk image, so that the folder is right there and the user
can drag the app into it.
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Summary: Disk image background image is confusing → Disk image background image is confusing (dmg)
Attached image Cut off Background
Actually, it looks like this (the lower part of the image is cut off)
Even if you keep the image, you should make the Window large enough to show all
of it

Running 10.4.2
Attached image new disk image background (obsolete) —
This is a new background image for the disk image. I removed the big "eye" on
the background and I made sure the diagram is now less looking like a
"clickable object" but more and integrated part of the window.
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Do we actually want the pictorial instructions?
Comment on attachment 195149 [details]
new disk image background

As discussed on irc, this doesn't have enough dead space - it needs 35px at the
bottom :(
K so I solved the absurd padding issues by just moving the whole diagram to the
top. Looks pretty darn good to me.

Simon: the reason why we want a diagram is that we wanted somthing to explain
the install process without text. So that we don't have trouble with
localising. Also FF and TB now also have this same kind of diagram to explain
the install process.
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Attached file New icon (checked in)
Jasper also provided this new icon for the dmg.
Assignee: pinkerton → mark
look, ma, hand-made!
Getting this in for 1.0a1 so that we can make use of user feedback.  I'm also
expecting to have various body parts read to us with regard to the ugly pain of
a license.
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