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"xulrunner -console application.ini" exits without displaying information on Usage


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Windows XP
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The -console option is great for debugging, particularly with the dump()
statement.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work for XULRunner in optimized builds.
Define 'doesn't work' please.

I am fairly sure all toolkit apps have some issues with their console on
Windows. Is it just not printing anything, or what?

Also, this WFM in my XULRunner 1.8b4_2005071504 build.
Note that you must set the dump pref, and -console must be specified *after* the
-app item, or XULRunner does nothing (bug?).
Meh, that might explain it.  I thought -console had to be one of the first
arguments on the command line.  I'm going off what I remember about my laptop,
until my opt build finishes on my desktop.
Passing -console first leads to nothing happening here, which is wrong.
XULRunner should either issue an error or work, so there is a bug of sorts.
One could even argue that passing -console should automatically default the dump
preference to true, rather than false, but that's really a separate issue.

That code really ought to check if the first parameter (which is it blindly
assuming is a path to an app data file) is an argument (i.e. starts with - or /,
And do what with it?
And print out the usage or similar, to indicate you got the parameters wrong. An
alternative would be to just display an error if the app data file is not there,
rather than also doing nothing.
Summary: xulrunner -console doesn't work → "xulrunner -console application.ini" exits without displaying information on Usage
Fixed by a patch in bug 326449?
James do you still see this?
XULRunner has been removed from the Mozilla tree: see!topic/ for context.

I am closing all the bugs currently in the XULRunner bugzilla component, in preparation for moving this component to the graveyard. If this bug is still valid in a XULRunner-less world, it will need to be moved to a different bugzilla component to be reopened.
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