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Menus on WYSIWYG editors open on wrong place.


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Posting on topics from using the WYSIWYG editor and
trying to edit the font type makes the menu open on a wrong place (only visible
if I scroll the page)

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Go to . You will need an account to be able to
post. You can use Bugmenot for it:
2. Go to any forum and try to open a new topic clicking on "Neues Thema" button.
3. On the WYSIWYG Editor try to change font type or font size by clicking on the
4. Apparently it doesn't open.
5. Scroll the page and you will see the menu under the whole editor.

Actual Results:  
The menu opens on the wrong place.

Expected Results:  
Menu opens directly under the scrollbox.
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Attached file not minimal testcase (obsolete) —
I think it is because the containing table cell has position:relative;
Position:relative doesn't work in Mozilla1.7, but seems to work now in current
trunk builds.
When removing that style rule, the menu gets on the right place.
So I think this is a tech evangelism issue.
Hmm, position:relative is still not working on table cells, so that can't be it
(strange that it makes the difference here, then).
Anyway, I still think this is probably tech evangelism, but a minimal testcase
is needed for that.
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Component: JavaScript Engine → Layout
QA Contact: general → layout
As additional information, it works fine with Firefox 1.0.4.
I was able to point a regression date. It works fine with 2005-03-21 build but
stopped to work on 2005-03-22. On 2005-03-22 it's also impossible to put any
text on textbox. This issue was solved on 2005-04-06, but it started the issue
on scrollbox menu.
Attached file testcase
Ok, this is a minimal testcase.
The behavior for the red bordered popup changed, but it changed in fact for the
The green bordered popup still shows the old, wrong behavior.

So the WYSIWYG editor relies on the fact that td style="position:relative"
doesn't work.

But I think this is not good behavior, both popups should at least act the
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Keywords: regression, testcase
Thanks Pardal!
When looking at the regression range:
The only bug that could have caused this seems bug 282754.
Blocks: 282754
Component: Layout → Layout: R & A Pos
QA Contact: layout → layout.r-and-a-pos
Robert, you might want to take a look at this bug. Maybe it is something that
needs to be fixed for the 1.8 branch.
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Flags: blocking1.8b5?
Flags: blocking1.8b4?
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Assignee: nobody → roc
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dbaron, can you look into this regression?
I'm pretty sure this is nsCSSFrameConstructor being inconsistent: it's probably
not pushing an absolute containing block for rel-pos table cells, but it is
probably finding an absolute containing block when we dynamically create the frame.
Attached patch fixSplinter Review
Be more consistent ... no table-related frames push absolute containing blocks
so we shouldn't treat them as abs containing blocks.
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Attachment #198046 - Flags: review?(bzbarsky)
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Looks ok, but we should make sure we fix this as we fix other issues (eg if we
make table caption construction use ConstructBlock).
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Attachment #198046 - Flags: review?(bzbarsky)
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checked in to trunk.
Closed: 18 years ago
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need approval for this blocker bug
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approving for the branch. Thanks roc.
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checked in on branch.
Keywords: fixed1.8
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Firefox/1.6a1 ID:2005093016

Looks good to me.
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