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[FIX]Iframes are not drawn after being shown


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If a div with display none contains an iframe and then the display of the div is
changed to block (or "") the content of the iframe is not shown (the borders of
the iframe are shown).

I think this one worked in the Aviary branch but it does not work in the 1.8
branch or on the trunk. I'll try to verify that it really worked in 1.7.

Test case comming...
This is also broken with Firefox 1.0.x
Keywords: testcase
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This has been broken since about forever, actually...

The problem is that we destroy the frame but don't null out the parentWidget on the docshell.  Then when the document starts to load we create a presentation (see DocumentViewerImpl::InitInternal), even though the iframe is display:none by then.

The patch just makes sure we unset the parentWidget when the nsSubDocumentFrame dies; the rest is cleanup that I thought made the code clearer.
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The other question is whether this is worth fixing on the 1.8.1 branch.  I think it may be...
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Summary: Iframes are not drawn after being shown → [FIX]Iframes are not drawn after being shown
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Patch to fix

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Patch to fix

I think it's worth it to take this on the 1.8 branch.  This makes sure to not have a dangling widget pointer on the docshell, basically.
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Fixed on branch.
Keywords: fixed1.8.1
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Component: Layout: HTML Frames → Layout: Images
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