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14 years ago
We need to update the End-User License Agreement (EULA) for all Mozilla products
to the latest version, which includes some minor ammendments and adjustments.
Patch coming up.


14 years ago
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Comment 1

14 years ago
Minor ammendments. Licensor is now the Mozilla Corporation and third-party
distributors have been included in disclaimers of warranty and limitation of
liability clauses.


14 years ago
Attachment #197595 - Attachment description: Mozilla EULA Version 1.1 → Mozilla Firefox EULA Version 1.1

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14 years ago

Comment 3

14 years ago
If these are final, I'll make new .r files for the EULAs that show at mount time
for the Mac dmgs.

Are these the licenses to be used for UNofficially-branded Firefox (DeerPark)
and Thunderbird?  The unofficial Firefox license is currently the same as the
official one, with s/Firefox/Deer Park/.  Thunderbird unofficial is identical to

Is this the license to use for Camino?  The Camino license is currently the
Firefox license, with s/Firefox/Camino/.

Comment 4

14 years ago
Checked in new EULAs for Firefox and Thunderbird on Mozilla1.8 branch and trunk.
Holding off on 1.0.x branch until we figure out how to notify users that the
EULA changed via software update.

Comment 5

14 years ago
Before we close this bug, Mark need to check in Mac resource file changes.

Comment 6

14 years ago
Yes, these EULAs are final and should be used for the Mac builds.  I'm not sure
about the unofficial builds, but I don't believe that those are subject to a
EULA, they may well be under the MPL or some other license.  Let me follow up on
that and get back to you.

Comment 7

14 years ago
I checked in some new license.r files for the Mac EULAs.  I also changed the
Agree/Disagree buttons to Accept/Decline, because the EULA text refers to an
"Accept button."

I've only done this for official Firefox/Thunderbird builds. 
Unofficially-branded  builds still display the "1.0" EULA for now, pending
feedback from cbeard.

I've also left Camino alone for the time being.  Should it get the new MC license?
Last Resolved: 14 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
patrocles is busted on 1.8 branch tbox and on Thunderbird box as a result of the
mozilla/mail/LICENSE.txt checkins.

Comment 9

14 years ago
EULAs on the Mozilla Foundation site should also be updated.
I'll update Japanese translations.


14 years ago
Keywords: fixed1.8
Keywords: fixed1.8 → verified1.8

Comment 10

14 years ago
At the very least, we need to know what to do with Camino.

Comment 11

14 years ago
I'm not sure about Camino.  It's not an official product.  What EULA does it use
now? Josh?

Comment 12

14 years ago
The recent Camino 1.0a1 was the first and only release to go out with an EULA on
the disk image.  It used the "1.0" EULA from Firefox, with s/Firefox/Camino/.

Comment 13

14 years ago
Chris, can get some guidance for Camino and unbranded Firefox/Thunderbird?

Comment 14

14 years ago
Chris will not be available for at least another week, so it'll take a bit for
your response.

Comment 15

14 years ago
Camino can use the FF EULA (s/Firefox/Camino/). minimo is the precedent here. MF lawyers have apparently OK'd it. If you have questions, email me or chofmann.

Comment 16

14 years ago
I updated the Camino EULA to v1.1.

The only remaining question is Firefox and Thunderbird builds without official branding (for example, DeerPark).  What should be displayed on those?  EULA v1.1?  s/Firefox/Deer Park/?  MPL?  Nothing?
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