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[FIX] Combobox changes value if a reflow occurs while menu is dropped down


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(Reporter: martijn.martijn, Assigned: MatsPalmgren_bugz)




(Keywords: fixed1.8, regression, testcase)


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To reproduce:
- Visit url testcase, and follow the steps in the testcase

Afterwards, the selected option has become "1", it should have stayed "3".
Mozilla1.7 and IE6 both keep the selected option "3".
I very much suspect this is a regression from bug 286170 itself, since I can see
the bug also in a SeaMonkey 2005-07-11 build.
This regressed between 2005-06-20 and 2005-06-22 and I've checked in my debug
build that bug 295571 isn't the cause of this/
The number hovered in the moment when 5 is removed, gets set as default option.
Load attachment 179320 [details], drop down the combobox menu and hover "2", and wait
until "5" gets removed. "5" can't be selected when "5" is removed, so the first
item gets selected.
I get the same regression range. I backed out bug 286170 locally and still see
the bug though. I'll take a look...
Assignee: nobody → mats.palmgren
No longer blocks: 286170
OS: Windows XP → All
Regression is from bug 297389. It's quite bad actually, if we get a reflow
while the menu is dropped down we will select the item that is hovered by
the mouse. To reproduce:
1. click on any combobox (to drop down the menu)
2. hover an item different from the currently selected value
3. text zoom (CTRL++)  => combobox value changes to what was hovered
Blocks: 297389
Summary: Testcase 6 of bug 286170 has changed behavior → [FIX] Combobox changes value if a reflow occurs while menu is dropped down
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Attachment #200412 - Flags: review?(roc)
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Patch rev. 1

r+sr=bzbarsky.	Please check this in on trunk ASAP and request branch approval.
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Checked in to trunk at 2005-10-21 20:47 PDT.

Closed: 17 years ago
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This is a very safe fix that we should take on branch.  All it does is make sure
to not change what option is "selected" while the combobox is dropped down.
bz, what would we need to test to make sure this doesn't break anything else?
Modifications to combobox layout (text resize, DOM timeouts firing, etc) while the combobox is dropped down.  The dropped-down state is the only state affected.
Attachment #200412 - Flags: approval1.8rc1? → approval1.8rc1+
Flags: blocking1.8rc1? → blocking1.8rc1+
Checked in on branch.
Keywords: fixed1.8
Sorry for blaming the wrong bug.
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