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"Do this automatically" in "You have chosen to open" assumes too much, need right click "open link with"


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I often use several different programs on the same type of file.  For example, on some PDF files only one of ggv or xpdf can view them.  So I need both.  The same goes for Word Doc files with OpenOffice or AbiWord.  I don't want to use the GIMP just to view an image file if a smaller, faster loading app (xv? Firefox?) can handle it.  Also, a hex editor or hex viewer such as hexdump or xxd could view any file type.

"Do this automatically for files like this from now on" is mostly useless to me.

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Maybe another option in 2 places:  in the menu that pops up when right clicking on a link, and in the "you have chosen to open" dialog.  The option would be "open with" and would list the apps that have been used to open that type.  (User would be able to edit that list somehow)  Like, would see xpdf and ggv listed for a PDF file.  The "you have chosen to open" dialog already has "open with"; all that it needs is a list of apps with "other..." at top or bottom.
the new application selector should satisfy this
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