Unable to Copy/Paste Clipboard Data into/out of Flash text field




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Mac OS X

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12 years ago
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I've discovered that I am unable to paste the contents of the OS X clipboard into a text field displayed in a Macromedia Flash 7-based application used inside my company using Command-V.  Data can be pasted by right-clicking the text field and selecting Paste from the contextual menu.  The Command-V keypress works when accessing the same application via Safari 2.0,2 and Firefox 1.0.6.  

URL for the application has not be provided because it is an internal company application but the same problem should be found when using any Flash-based input field.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Copy some string of text to the clipboard, e.g. "123456789"
2. Select a text field in a Flash 7-based form
3. Press Command-V on the keyboard.

Actual Results:  
Nothing happens.  No text is pasted into the selected text field.

Expected Results:  
Text stored on the clipboard is pasted into the text field.
I get this with the search box on macromedia.com; it works fine with Fx 1.5.

Does Cmd-V work with Flash 8?

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12 years ago
Doesn't work with Flash 8 either. It seems like we're not letting Flash (or any plugins) handle Edit menu items (Select All doesn't work, either).


12 years ago
Ever confirmed: true
Flags: camino1.0?
Summary: Unable To Paste Clipboard Data Into Flash 7 Text Field Using Command-V → Unable To Paste Clipboard Data Into Flash 7/8 Text Field Using Command-V

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12 years ago
Correct, the Flash 8 plug-in also does not allow paste using Command-V.
Michelle, is this something on our end or is it related to the plugin? It seems weird that it'd work for FF bug not Camino...

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12 years ago
When the user selects Cmd-V, the browser needs to send a keyUp and keyDown event to the plug-in. Camino isn't doing this, so copy/paste/etc. doesn't work in Flash (or any plug-in, I'd guess).
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12 years ago
Our main-menu "Copy" menu item isn't even enabled in Flash text fields, which it probably should be.
Blocks: 225397
Blocks: 328173
QA Contact: plugins
Assignee: mikepinkerton → nobody
Target Milestone: Camino1.1 → Camino2.0


11 years ago
No longer blocks: 328173
*** Bug 362647 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Summary: Unable To Paste Clipboard Data Into Flash 7/8 Text Field Using Command-V → Unable to Copy/Paste Clipboard Data into/out of Flash text field
Duplicate of this bug: 367265
I can't remember what the story was with the old Macromedia.com search field, but at least in the Yahoo Maps (Beta), the context menu items will work, as a work-around.

Also, is this bug in Cocoa widget code?  This seems not to work in the Cairo-Cocoa-Minefield build I have lying around, but we shouldn't share any menu validation code....

Comment 10

11 years ago
I've filed bug 375891 against Minefield.  These may in fact be the same bug, but I've kept them separate since we don't share menu validation code, and therefore the real fix here is probably separate as well.

Also, I see copy as enabled, and it functions correctly for me.


10 years ago
Duplicate of this bug: 419211

Comment 12

10 years ago
Our menu validation just calls through to nsIClipboardCommands canCopySelection/canCutSelection/canPaste, so core is giving us the wrong answers when Flash is focused. Moving to core (in what I hope is the right component).
Component: Plug-ins → Embedding: APIs
Flags: camino1.0-
Product: Camino → Core
QA Contact: plugins → apis
Target Milestone: Camino2.0 → ---
Version: unspecified → Trunk
I really doubt this is the right component, in fact...

Comment 14

10 years ago
I took my best guess from previous changes around the nsIClipboardCommands stuff; if anyone knows where this should actually live, please do move it.
Probably plug-ins, since we need information from the plug-in here about whether you've got something pastable into focused...
Component: Embedding: APIs → Plug-ins
QA Contact: apis → plugins


8 months ago
Last Resolved: 8 months ago
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