Relative paths on file:// links are always relative to first page loaded instead of current page




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1.0 Branch
Windows 2000

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First page loaded is file://c:/top/MainPage.htm.  When a link to file:/top/subdir/Page2.htm is clicked, the page loads, but all links to pages in the same subdirectory cannot be found.  For example, a link to 'Page3.htm' fails to load because Firefox is looking for the file in file:///c:/top/ relative to the first page called, instead of in folder file://c:/top/subdir/ relative to the current loaded page.  These kind of links are handled correctly in MSIE.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Create a page in a directory with a link to another page in a subdirectory one level down.
2. The page in the subdirectory should have a link to another page in the same subdirectory.
3. Load the main page.  
4. Follow the link to the second page located in the .
5. Follow the link to the third page located in the same subdirectory.
Actual Results:  
An Alert message box opens with the text:
The file /c:/top/page3.htm cannot be found. Please check the location and try again.

Expected Results:  
Page3.htm should have been loaded from c:/top/subdir/ .  Instead the browser is looking for the file one level up relative to the original calling page instead of the current calling page.

It should have found Page3.htm in the same directory as Page2.htm.

This only happens with relative paths on mapped drives.  This is not an issue for relative paths on a web server.
Reporter, is this still an issue under Firefox 3.1 beta 2? You can download the beta from:

I cannot reproduce the issue on my mac, but it may be windows-specific. Please do let us know if this is or isn't an issue at this point. Thanks! :-)
@Reporter, we have not heard back from you in a while, so I am closing this bug as INCOMPLETE. You can reopen this bug if more information becomes available. Some helpful information you can provide us is found at You should also use a recent version of Firefox, from
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
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Version: unspecified → 1.0 Branch
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