Symbols of the 24px versions of the new toolbar icons are shifted slightly too far left



Camino Graveyard
13 years ago
10 years ago


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13 years ago
This only affects the icons that actually have a 24px version (stop, back, fowrard, etc.). To my eye (and apparent upon zooming in), some of these icons' symbols (the arrows and Xs) are too far to the left by fractional pixels (I'm assuming since paths were used for the symbols), leading to funky antialiasing at times and me freaking out. Affected: back, stop, dl_cancel. Forward looks okay to me; at least the left border of the arrow is solid. All of these might be a bit too far up, too, but i can't really tell. Reload might be affected, but the shape is so irregular that it's not very noticeable if it is. Assuming paths are used, I think this could be fixed simply by making sure they're completely center-aligned for the 24px versions, possibly tweaking slightly for the back/forward arrows so the "start" ends are solid.

(Sorry for being so nitpicky.)
Wevah, you still seeing this?
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12 years ago
Yes. This makes sense, seeing as how new (multi-page) icons haven't been submitted anywhere... ;)
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> Yes. This makes sense, seeing as how new (multi-page) icons haven't been
> submitted anywhere... ;)

Right, I just remember us having some icons changed, but I wasn't sure which ones (to fix the "different color" bug).
Wevah, is this still a problem with the 2008 new icons?
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If someone still sees this in the 2008 icons, feel free to re-nitpick it; otherwise, WFM.
Last Resolved: 10 years ago
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