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recurring event not highlighted when selected


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Linux/x86, my build today from CVS.

In the multiweek view, when I select a single event, it is not highlighted, most of the time (occasionally it does get highlighted, oddly enough). This makes it slightly harder when trying to cut-n-paste events, as you're never sure whether you've selected the right one. The selection definitely works - since my cuts and pastes work, but is not highlighted.

The old views clearly showed a single event selection.
This problem seems to affect only the multi-week and month views, and it only affects recurring events. Non-recurring events seem to be highlighted correctly, but with recurring events, only the enclosing day is selected.

Given that, I imagine this is a dup of 321384, right?
Summary: event not highlighted when selected → recurring event not highlighted when selected
I see also that with the week view, selecting a recurring event actually jumps the entire view back to the *first* occurrence of that event, even if that is years back, and then selects it. Is that also down to bug 321384, perhaps?
This patch makes the selection manager stop using .parentItem.  Right now, we get something like this:

-User selects single instance of a recurring event in the views.
-Views internally select that single instance
-Views notify the selection manager
-Selection manager adds the instance's parentItem to the array of selected Items
-Selection manager notifies the views
-Views unselect the (correct) item and select the parent item.

With this patch, the correct item gets added to the array, so everyone is happy.  Note that this does increase the need to move the unifinder into its own view, since there will then be some inconsistency with what is selected/deleted.
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stop using parentItem

r=mvl, if you also patch unifinderDoubleClickEvent in unifinder.js (or convince me that it shouldn't be patched)
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