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13 years ago
I often have a very long piece of text which is difficult to properly select with the mouse, and if I fuck it up I have to scroll back up, press down the mouse, scroll carefully to where I want to finish the selection and mouse-up. I wish I could shift-click or meta-click or accel-click and have a selection start marker placed, then click at the end of what I want to select to select everything from the marker upto there. And if I clicked the wrong place I could click again and the selection marker would not be forgotten but rather used again.
Different idea:
Maybe when you shift-click, it should just extend the selection, no matter if you shift-click before the selection beginning or after the selection end?
My favorite editor (editpad lite) does that, and I think it's much more convenient, than what Mozilla (and IE6) is doing.

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13 years ago
But sometimes I want to detract from the selection, not add to it. I mean, I start selecting, and since the text scrolls too fast I overreach, and have to redo the entire selection.
But you can already detract from the selection by using shift-click, can't you?

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13 years ago
What's wrong with a click to place the insertion pointer, then scroll to the other end (before or after), and then do a shift-click ? That has worked for since 1984, when I saw my first Lisa. And it surely existed before that too.

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13 years ago
Actually, I haven't noticed shift+click up until now. On second thought, it's good enough for me to retract this enhancement request.
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