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Cache causes crash crossing architecture [@ nsDiskCacheRecord::HashNumber].[@ nsDiskCacheMap::FindRecord]


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Try saying that three times fast.

Camino and Firefox will both crash on first lanch if the previous launch was under the opposite architecture (because someone copied their entire library from an old machine, got a universal version after having run under Rosetta, or just toggled Rosetta on and off for kicks).  The crash doesn't reproduce if you manually delete the cache before launching the other way.
Oh yeah.  It's all about the cache.

Also TB14724380H.
Component: Profile: BackEnd → Networking: Cache
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Summary: Cache causes crash crossing architecture → Cache causes crash crossing architecture [@ nsDiskCacheRecord::HashNumber].[@ nsDiskCacheMap::FindRecord]
This is crashing because the nsDiskCacheHeader::mBucketUsage array is not being byte-swapped when read from/written to disk.  See Swap and Unswap:

nsDiskCacheMap::FindRecord was then getting bad data for the number of buckets on a table entry, so attempts to get the buckets would fail.  Instead of records[1], it would look for records[16777216].  Kaboom.

The cache would be marked dirty on first launch before crashing and therefore discarded on a subsequent launch.

The disk cache is supposed to be endian-neutral and stored on disk in big-endian format.  (Re)introducing proper byte-swapping renders all existing caches unusable on little-endian systems (for the above reason), so the disk cache version number is bumped.  I selected 1.9 for the trunk, reserving 1.8 for the same change on the branch - the trunk and branch are currently at 1.7 and 1.6, respectively.
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Byte-swap the entire cache header

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mEvictionRank was never swapped, and mBucketUsage was introduced by me.
So, at least for the last one, my apologies for this crasher.
mEvictionRank never hurt because it's never used for pointer arithmetic, only in comparisons.  It was wrong, but apparently nobody ever noticed.
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Branch version

a=darin for the 1.8 branch
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Fixed on trunk, MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH, and CAMINO_1_0_BRANCH.
Closed: 19 years ago
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Branch version

I'd like this for
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It'd be nice if we could avoid discarding the cache for all FF 1.5 users.  Maybe some migration code is the answer, or perhaps we should make this change be XP_MACOSX only on the 1.8.0 branch.  Neither is a great solution, but tossing out 50 MB of cache for users behind a modem isn't very nice either.
Considering that the only caches out there on Macs right now are big-endian, we can handle this with #ifdef XP_MACOSX and not bumping the cache version on the 1.8.0 branch.  The only people who will get shafted this way are those who used an unofficial Firefox 1.5 x86 build.
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We can spin a new unofficial x86 Firefox build equivalent to with this 1.8.0 patch, so users running the unofficials will crash first using THAT, and not with an official release.

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1.8.0 branch version

approved for 180 branch, a=dveditz for drivers
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1.8.0 branch version checked in on 1.8.0 branch.
Keywords: fixed1.8.0.2
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