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Selecting/deselecting images slower in Cairo builds


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See upcoming testcase.
The 2006-02-23 cairo build is considerably slower as the 2006-02-22 non-cairo build in selecting/deselecting.
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The testcase currently also suffers from two other cairo bugs, namely bug 324698 and bug 328386.

With the 2006-02-22 non-cairo build I get as result: 7701ms
With the 2006-02-23 cairo build I get as result: 16203ms
Depends on: 328367
Flags: blocking1.9a1?
I think once 324698 is fixed this will be much less of a performance hit.
Depends on: 324698
Depends on: cairoperf
Blocks: cairoperf
No longer depends on: cairoperf
Blocks: 334719
No longer blocks: cairoperf
Flags: blocking1.9a1? → blocking1.9+
Testing this with Fx2 and Fx3 shows identical time for both; can you retest?  (Yes, the blue/red issue still exists)
This uses an animated gif as image.
I now work from a much faster computer, and with a faster computer, the difference can't be seen with the first testcase (but I bet it still does with a slower computer).
With that, I get 5141ms with a 2006-11-20 Firefox2 build, with a trunk build I get 13844ms. Also the animated gif looks different, I guess that's the anti-aliasing or something?
This testcase uses a lot of animated gifs
2006-11-20 1.8.1 branch build: 14656ms
2006-11-20 trunk build: 24062ms
Summary: Selecting/deselecting slower in Cairo builds → Selecting/deselecting images slower in Cairo builds
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla1.9beta1
Flags: blocking1.9+ → blocking1.9-
Whiteboard: [wanted-1.9]
Ok, this is now worksforme.
All the testcase are now as fast or faster on current trunk build as on branch builds.
However, I want to recheck if bug 381661 gets fixed.
Closed: 13 years ago
Depends on: 381661
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
If this was affected by that, we have a problem; none of the testcase images are being scaled, I don't think?
The second testcase uses a scaled image, the rest not.
This is what I get as result:

2007-05-22 build: 
Testcase 1 - 4109ms
Testcase 2 - 6641ms
Testcase 3 - 20939ms

Testcase 1 - 4109ms
Testcase 2 - 4188ms
Testcase 3 - 20808ms

Branch build with the 3rd testcase: 11808ms

Sorry, I was a bit to quick with closing the bug. The 3rd testcase is still quite a bit slower compared to branch builds.
But with the first and second testcase, I don't see a difference anymore.
Resolution: WORKSFORME → ---
Flags: wanted1.9+
Whiteboard: [wanted-1.9]
Ok, testcase2 is slower again in current trunk builds, because of the smoothing of scaled images.
The other testcases are quicker in current trunk builds.
I see the same speed for testcases 1 and 2, which makes me believe that this is fixed.
Closed: 13 years ago9 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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