Sort out error-reporting behavior of EvaluateString callers




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We have three callers of EvaluateString that are inside Gecko:

1) nsScriptLoader
2) javascript: URLs
3) timeouts/intervals

Right now, if the string passed to EvaluateString throws we set the "exception is pending" boolean on the current XPCCallContext and return.  This misses reporting errors in many cases (like the example in the URL field).

So for each of those three cases I think we need to decide on the following:

1)  Should an exception from the JS in question propagate to the caller?  That is, should setting window.location to a javascript: URI that throws rethrow that exception in the calling context?  Should appending a <script> node that contains text that throws an exception throw from appendChild?  That sort of thing.

2)  Based on the answers to #1 figure out how to implement.  I suspect that no matter what we'll need to remove the NotifyXPCIfExceptionPending() call from EvaluateString, since it doesn't, generally speaking, do the right thing.  See bug 328851.
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