Release Notes and Readme updates for 0.8.5



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We need about 2 sentences for each probably, and sooner if possible since this will be the only l10n bit.
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first stab at updating relnotes for 0.8.5

So, I think we should just leave the 0.8.x readme alone and just touch up the relnotes.

I've added two somewhat-repetitive bits to these, one right after the URL and then the "Highlights" section for 0.8.5.  It's all of 6 sentences right now (some essentially repeats of already-translated strings).

These are not final relnotes; just an indication of what I think we should add.
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Readme for 0.8.5

Sam wanted 1 new line about 0.8.5 being the end of the road for 10.1.5.
Are these OK with everyone?  Can we have mento check them in and Ludo send them off to l10n, or do there need to be changes yet?

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13 years ago
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> So, I think we should just leave the 0.8.x readme alone and just touch up the
> relnotes.

I think you should never start a thought with the word "so."

Other than that, I think these are fine.  All two of our users still on 10.1 AND foolish enough to actually read things that say "read me" will appreciate this.

I'll check in as soon as today's 0.8 nightly is done, so I can also update the build script to pull in the 0-8-5 relnotes too.

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13 years ago
All done!
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v on 1.7 branch.
Keywords: fixed1.7.13 → verified1.7.13
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