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13 years ago
spun off from bug 327014 . If you click a link in a XUL document, then move the mouse, a reflow happens on the old document.  There's no good reason why this should happen.

I'm initially marking this security sensitive due to the source bug... if this wasn't a good idea we can open another bug with less info.
So generally speaking, do we do anything to prevent reflow on a document in bfcache?  That is, if a reflow event gets posted before we put the page in bfcache and fires after, we'll reflow, right?  I don't see us doing anything with reflow events in nsPresShell::Freeze().  For that matter, is there something we do to make sure that, say, a style change on a document in bfcache doesn't trigger reflow?

That said, I was seeing bug 327014 on Linux because I had the SSL warning dialogs for going to/from secure pages enabled in the profile I was testing on.  We were painting the main window while that alert was up, which called WillPaint on the presshell, which got us into the broken state.
Group: security
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