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Handle Camino identification/versioning for Talkback in TB Makefile


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Jay or Paul, please review.
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Note: this patch is for the 1.8 branch.  For 1.8.0, FC_VERSION should be "10".  For the trunk, it should be "Trunk".
The patch looks ok to me, I will let preed give the final approval.  

I just had a few questions:

Why the version bump to 11?  Is that a new branch or simply going to be the next version of Camino off the 1.0 branch?  I only ask because we try to avoid bumping that version number too often.  If it is going to be a long living branch, then it should be fine.
Our major release schedule essentially follows the Gecko roadmap:

Camino 1.0, 1.0,x is from the 1_8_0 branch like Firefox 1.5.  We don't have a separate Camino 1.0 branch (except for stub-end minibranches that come off 1_8_0).  We already released something with 10 from this branch and will release future security updates from here with the 10 version.

Camino 1.1, 1.1.x will come from the 1_8 (eventually 1_8_1?) branch like Firefox 2.  Camino 1.2, if there is such a thing, may also come from this branch.  I've used 11 in the patch here for that branch, because that's the version of the next release from this branch.

The plan for Camino 2.0 is to come from the 1_9 branch like Firefox 3 - development toward that end is currently on the trunk, since 1_9 hasn't branched yet, so the version there will just be "Trunk".

We won't need to change these numbers once they're set, except at branch points (like Firefox), with a possible exception for the Camino 1.1-1.2 jump if there is one - I'm still not really sure how we're going to handle that.
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Talkback Makefile patch


I'm a big fan of the use of:

endif # } CONDITION

in makefiles, because of the lack of else if's.

See my changes to in for an example.
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Mark:  Ok, Camino11 seems fine then.  Thanks for the update on Camino versioning. ;-)
Fixed on trunk, 1_8, and 1_8_0 branches.

preed, I saw that in a few days ago.  I've never seen that syntax before, but I like it.  I had been decorating complex Makefile logic without braces in the comments, but the braces are cool.  I've checked in with that change.
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