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crash in [@nsMsgSearchDBView::~nsMsgSearchDBView]


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(Keywords: crash, fixed1.8.1)

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I see this crash occasionally on shutdown, when the nsMsgSearchDBView is clearing out its m_dbToUseList. The db's have already been cleared up because the db module has shut down, but the view is still holding onto a db pointer. The steps to reproduce are something like this:

1. Open a normal folder.
2. Open a cross folder virtual folder that searches on the normal folder
3. Click back to the normal folder
4. Shut down.

I'm not sure if step 1 is needed. In any case, what's happening, I think, is that when the view is closed, we clear the listeners for the db, but leave the db to use list populated with DB's. If those DB's go away before the view, we won't get notified, and we'll crash trying to clear the db to use list. I don't see this crash in Talkback, but I see it in debug builds every so often...
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so the fix is to clear the m_dbToUseList after removing the listeners.
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I did find three incidents - here's one:

id 16452758

Summary: crash in nsMsgSearchDBView::~nsMsgSearchDBView → crash in [@nsMsgSearchDBView::~nsMsgSearchDBView]
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Closed: 18 years ago
Keywords: crash, fixed1.8.1
Resolution: --- → FIXED
This crash was also reported on IRC for Thunderbird on Mac OS X. David, are you tending to fix it for 1.8.0?
Severity: normal → critical
OS: Windows XP → All
Hardware: PC → All
No, I think we're trying to get people to move to 2.0 - basically, we're dropping support for 1.5 in the not too distant future, and are only fixing security vulnerabilities in 1.5
Product: Core → MailNews Core
Crash Signature: [@nsMsgSearchDBView::~nsMsgSearchDBView]
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