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encodeURI fails on decodeURI("%ED%A0%80")


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It is possible to give DecodeURI a string such that EncodeURI cannot process it.  This same string could just as well come from HTML markup.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
var js = decodeURI ("%ED%A0%80");
alert (js.length + "\n" + js.charCodeAt(0));    // 1, 0xD800
alert (escape (js));                            // %uD800
alert (encodeURI (js));                         // fails here

Example 2:
<span id=myspan>&#55296;&#65538;</span>
<script type='text/javascript'>
var txt = document.getElementById('myspan').innerHTML;
alert (txt.length + "\n" + txt);        // length is 3
alert (escape (txt));                   // %uD800%uD800%uDC02
alert (encodeURI(txt));                 // fails here
Actual Results:  
In the examples, encodeURI fails (on \uD800-\uDFFF) even though decodeURI and escape are successful.

Expected Results:  
I expect that encodeURI should give me "%ED%A0%80" corresponding to the equivalent of (%uD800) what the escape is returning.

I have encountered this in trying to safely pass strings between the client and server.  Going from the server to the browser is not so bad because one can use either
1. decodeURI(utf-8 encoded string),
2. read the characters out from an html element (such as a span) into which they have been encoded with &#unicodePointInDecimal;
3. or "\xHH" or "\uHHHH" or "\uHHHH\uHHHH" the latter being for unicode characters with 17-21 bits where the 8 H correspond to the 8 nibble UTF-8 encoding.  Eg. &#65538; (dec) -> 10002 (unicode,hex) -> decodeURI("%F0%90%80%82") (UTF-8) -> "\uD800\uDC02" (UTF-16, right?)

To go from a javascript string to an ascii representation, one would expect to use encodeURI, but this fails on decodeURI ("%ED%A0%80").  The reason it fails, I presume, is because the specified character is not valid.  But in that case, escape should not work either.  I would rather have consistent behaviour - if we don't die on creating the string, then I would rather not die upon manipulating it, especially user entered string data.

Csaba Gabor from Vienna

For unicode charts see:
References: and 
Example 1 in comment 0 is pretty much a dupe of bug 316338. Example 2 is fixed in trunk by bug 316394.
So basically, decodeURI can produce bogus UTF16?  Sounds like we should fix that in the JS engine.  Same for decodeURIFragment.
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Now deocdeURI("%ED%A0%80") throws URIError (see bug 660612)
Throwing is okay.
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