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select1, hooking up a send to ev:xforms-select only works the first time


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If I hook up a send to an xforms-select on a xforms:select1, it only triggers the submission the first time. On subsequent selects I get this error:

Error: elm.parentNode has no properties
Source File: chrome://xforms/content/select1.xml
Line: 942
Attached file Testcase
Blocks: 331209
Priority: -- → P1
Possibly a dupe of 332292?
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Aparently the selected element does not always have a parent node? Checking for that makes the dispatchEvent() work.

It does not fix the testcase 100%, because the xforms-select event is sent before the node value is changed, so the result gotten from the server is "lagging". But it might be correct event sequencing? Dunno.
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Crude fix

ugh, you really should figure out why elm has no parentNode - you probably have a reference to an element no longer in the DOM.

Check is ok for a temp fix though (0.6)
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Crude fix

something's wrong alright, but temp fix. for 0.6, please.
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Crude fix

Could you put the whole
method inside CDATA.
& is just too ugly,
& is much better
With that r=me
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Fixed on trunk w/smaug's comment fixed
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Filed follow up bug 339062.
Keywords: fixed1.8.1
Keywords: fixed1.8.0.5
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