Explanation on editgroups.cgi could incorrectly say a checkbox is check by default




12 years ago
12 years ago


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12 years ago
When adding a group, the following text is displayed:
(template/en/default/admin/groups/create.html.tmpl 76-79)
> <p>By default, the new group will be associated with existing 
> products. Unchecking the "Insert new group into all existing 
> products" option will prevent this and make the group become 
> visible only when its controls have been added to a product.</p>

However, the default value of the checkbox actually depends on Param("makeproductgroups"), as follows:

> <input type="checkbox" name="insertnew" value="1"
> [% IF Param("makeproductgroups") %] checked[% END %]>
> Insert new group into all existing products.<p>

Default value for makeproductgroups is off, so the checkbox is actually on a standard installation also off.

Not sure what the best fix. Making the explanation with 'By default' depend on the state of makeproductgroups might be confusing (not really 'By default' if it depends on makeproductgroups IMO).
Think best fix is to make the description depend on makeproductgroups, without saying anything about 'By default'.
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