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Table has extra columns after hover sets td overflow:visible and float:left or postion:absolute


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I have a table which sets td {white-space:nowrap; overflow:hidden;} so that large cells are truncated. I want td:hover to reveal the full contents of the cell.  td:hover {overflow:visible} almost does what I want, but the new content is superimposed over the neighbouring cell.  {overflow:visible; background-color:white} of course doesn't work because the background doesn't extend under the overflow.  So I tried this:

td {
  white-space: nowrap;
  overflow: hidden;

td:hover {
  overflow: visible;
  background-color: something...;
  float: left;  OR  postion:absolute;

The float or absolute puts the background under all of the td content, including the overflow.  This does what I want, except for this odd bug:

It seems as if, when the hover reveals the overflowed content, the cells to the right of the hovered-over cell get shifted to the right.  It's not a shift by a number of pixels, but rather a shift by a number of columns; the table gains new columns to its right.

I'll attach a test case.  As you'll see it's from a webmail application.  Just move the mouse around over the table to trigger the hovers and see the extra columns attach themselves.  If you don't immediately see what I mean I can attach a screenshot.

Sorry, I expect to hear that this is a dupe, but searching for the obvious keywords didn't find anything.

This is with Firefox 1.5 on Debian.

Reproducible: Always
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Confirmed. How odd.
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We're leaving behind a pseudo cell (red)...
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Thanks for the analysis Mats.

Can ayone suggest an alternative way of getting the effect that I was looking for?
Attachment #224507 - Attachment description: Testcase #3 → Testcase #3, abs.pos.
Fixed by checkin for bug 162063.  Added test.
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