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nsIFile.remove should allow option to send to Recycle Bin/Trash


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It would be good that nsIFile has the ability to move a file to the OS's Recycle Bin/Trash.  Or, alternatively, the "Trsh" folder is defined in but only for the Mac.  It would be good to have access to Linux and Windows as well for cross-platform development abilities.  

The practical use for this is, in my case, I'm developing FireFTP and it acts partially as a File Manager.  Currently when deleting files, the user must permanently delete them.

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I've added this to FireFTP now via jsctypes.  See;r2=1.30;f=h

I still think this should maybe be a part of the core API though.
Component: XPCOM → Networking: File
QA Contact: xpcom → networking.file
Severity: normal → enhancement
Component: Networking: File → XPCOM
QA Contact: networking.file → xpcom
Note that this (in *nix world) is highly DE specific (on win+mac, there's only one DE).
Also think of cases like remote filesystems, etc.

I doubt you wanna implement poper handling for all these individual cases (and the
required customizability) into moz core.

As that's a quite common topic (for all kind of file managing applications), I'd
suggest moving that to an entirely separate library, which can be easily patched
or replaced by distros / operators.
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We don't support XUL addons anymore

Closed: 7 months ago
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