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[SVGSVGElement].width.baseVal.value returns 1 for 100% wide SVG


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[SVGSVGElement].width.baseVal.value returns 1 for a 100% wide SVG.
This bug only occurs in a recent trunk build width gecko 1.9. It works flawlessly width a 1.8 branch build.
[SVGSVGElement].viewBox.baseVal.width returns the correct width however.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
retrieve the value of [SVGSVGElement].width.baseVal.value
Actual Results:  

Expected Results:  
the correct width in pixels, e.g. 1158
Do you have a testcase you can attach?
I've just created a simple testcase. This prints out the svgDoc.width.baseVal.value and svgDoc.viewBox.baseVal.width values of a svg with width="100%".
The two values match on a branch build. A trunk build outputs 1 for svgDoc.width.baseVal.value.
Opera does not support the viewBox method at all.
This bug breaks my SVGraph examples at
Some results of testing - seems like little agreement:

FF 1.5:

        width.baseVal.value   = pixel width of area
        viewBox.baseVal.width = pixel width of area

FF trunk:

        width.baseVal.value   = 1
        viewBox.baseVal.width = pixel width of area

Opera 9:

        width.baseVal.value   = pixel width of area
        viewBox.baseVal.width = 0

Batik 1.6:

        width.baseVal.value   =  pixel width of area
        viewBox.baseVal.width =  <"getViewBox not implemented">

Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0:

        width.baseVal.value   = <"null or not an object">
        viewBox.baseVal.width = <"null or not an object">
Ever confirmed: true
Todays build regressed some more. I don't know which checkin caused it but it now outputs the following:
svgDoc.width.baseVal.value = 1
svgDoc.viewBox.baseVal.width = 0
That means there is currently no way to get the actual width of a 100% wide SVG with scripting :(
This doesn't reliably fix the HTML testcase attached to this bug, as the load event appears to fire before the first reflow, which sets up the outer svg dimensions.  Not sure if that is per spec or not (the random values due to an uninitialized variable before the first reflow definitely aren't, but that's trivial to fix once we decide what the appropriate behavior should be).
Attached patch missed header file (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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Attached patch mochitest for embedded testcase (obsolete) — Splinter Review
I wrote a mochitest for the embedded testcase to practice writing mochitests.
Something else I noticed while playing with firebug:
>>> document.getElementById('svg').width.baseVal.newValueSpecifiedUnits(5,100) // set value to 100px
>>> document.getElementById('svg').width.baseVal.convertToSpecifiedUnits(2) // convert to percentage
>>> document.getElementById('svg').width.baseVal.value
100 // value is always in "user units" according to spec. "user units" is always equal to pixels?
>>> document.getElementById('svg').width.baseVal.valueAsString
"10000%" // this is wrong

The SVGLength implementation somehow uses a fixed conversion ratio of 100 from "user units" (pixels) to percentage. The embedded SVG actually grows when I use the convertToSpecifiedUnits method.
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Ah, crap. We shipped with this broken? :-(

Thanks a lot for the mochitest Arpad! It looks good to me.
Keywords: regression, testcase
OS: Windows XP → All
Hardware: PC → All
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This is a reftest which tests the bug that the SVG is growing when using the convertToSpecifiedUnits method. I hope I've done that right, I didn't get the reftests to start :(
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The basic problem here is our use of nsSVGElement::GetCtx which returns an nsSVGSVGElement* to the ancestor element that provides the coordinate context for the element on which it is called. Unfortunately there's no such ancestor for <svg> elements that are the root of an SVG document fragment, so GetCtx returns null. GetAxisLength then falls back to returning 1 when it doesn't get a context, so GetUnitScaleFactor returns 100 and we get 100/100 in nsSVGValue2::GetBaseValue.
Arpad: does that reftest actually fail currently? I thought this bug was only for percentage width/height on the rootmost <svg>. Besides that, it's preferable to get rid of the -ref file and just compare to pass.svg if possible. You can hopefully do that if you set the margin, border and padding on the html and body elements to none. Also, better to use convertToSpecifiedUnits(nsSVGLength.<ENUM_CONSTANT>) instead of convertToSpecifiedUnits(2). I've no idea offhand what 2 is. :-)
Assignee: general → jwatt
I will post an updated reftest if I can get this reftest infrastructure to run correctly.
I think this would be better as a mochitest. It's the output of convertToSpecifiedUnits that you are trying to test. What gets rendered is a side effect.
Attached patch updated mochitest (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This also tests the behavior of convertToSpecifiedUnits and friends.

Why does mozilla use SpecifiedUnits internaly and converts them to user units on every access to .value and not the other way around?

I also noticed that besides GetAxisLength also GetMMPerPixel always returns 1.
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Patch in bug 361920 fixes this so that we're compatible with Opera.
Fixed by check in for bug 361920
Closed: 11 years ago
Depends on: 361920
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Assignee: jwatt → longsonr
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Resolution: FIXED → ---
QA Contact: ian → general
Assignee: longsonr → nobody
Use getBoundingClientRect if you want to get the pixel width of an <svg> element.
Closed: 11 years ago6 years ago
Depends on: 530985
No longer depends on: 361920
Resolution: --- → INVALID
Duplicate of bug: 1283539
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