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Improve SeaMonkey theme appearance on OS/2


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Similar to the work in bug 314843 and bug 336997 for toolkit apps I would like to improve the appearance of the Classic theme for SeaMonkey on OS/2, so that it looks more "native", especially regarding to menus and scrollbars.

My guess is that this is really only relevant for the 1.8 branch but the patches should also go onto trunk.
Attached patch A first draft (against trunk) (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Not ready for review yet, I first have to find out if a few weirdnesses were caused by this.
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OK, this basically achieves what the respective Toolkit patch did after bug 336997. The GIF images are the same as in that bug, so I won't attach them again.  I resorted a few lines about Windows in the so that I could do it with two #ifdefs.
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Bring SeaMonkey OS/2 theme to save level as Firefox

I suppose it will do given that nobody's written nsNativeThemeOS2.cpp yet ;-)
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Bring SeaMonkey OS/2 theme to save level as Firefox

We can't really do an nsNativeThemeOS2 :)
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Thanks for reviewing, patch now checked in on trunk.
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Bring SeaMonkey OS/2 theme to save level as Firefox

>+#ifdef XP_OS2
>+* skin/classic/global/menu.css                                (global/os2/menu.css)
>+  skin/classic/global/menu/menu-check.gif                     (global/os2/menu/menu-check.gif)
>+  skin/classic/global/menu/menu-arrow.gif                     (global/os2/menu/menu-arrow.gif)
>+  skin/classic/global/toolbar.css                             (global/os2/toolbar.css)
> * skin/classic/global/menu.css                                (global/win/menu.css)
I didn't spot this until it merge conflicted with another patch I have in my tree, but I don't think the os2 menu.css strictly needs that leading * as it isn't preprocessed.
Right, thanks. Removed the "*" in front of os2/menu.css in CVS.
Users in the newsgroups found some minor issues that I think we should correct before putting this into branch:
- if menu colors are different from grey the colored regions is only behind
  the words on the main menubar with grey gaps in between
- when clicking the arrow on the right of the URL field the background of the
  dropdown is colored in the menu color
- the same is true for the dropdown in the "Print" panel
Resolution: FIXED → ---
This fixes the problems for me and also corrects the double autocomplete section in menu.css.
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minor corrections

Attachment #232281 - Flags: review?(mozilla) → review+
Additional patch checked in.
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OK, checked the patches from attachment 230305 [details] [diff] [review] and attachment 232281 [details] [diff] [review] into 1.8 branch, including the typo mentioned in comment 7 and all new GIFs.
Keywords: fixed1.8.1
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