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AUS needs to support receiving platform information in URLs


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(Keywords: fixed1.8.1, Whiteboard: 181b1+)


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Bug 341190 includes adding platform information to the AUS URL.  AUS Needs to be updated to either except or at least ignore this additional information in order to properly serve updates
Assignee: nobody → morgamic
Component: Software Update → General
OS: Mac OS X 10.3 → All
Product: Firefox → AUS
Version: 2.0 Branch → 2.0
QA Contact: software.update → nobody
mike, does this block ff2 (and ff2b1?) since bug #341190 and it go hand in hand?
Flags: blocking-firefox2?
Flags: blocking-firefox2? → blocking-firefox2+
This patch adds the additional case statement in the least verbose way -- no need to copy case 1: code, as most of it is duplicated.  Added logic for the OS_VERSION check in case 2:.

We might consider using regular expressions for the OS_VERSION value identification, but over time this would grow and get more costly -- so for now I opted to use a list of strings in the config.
Attachment #228228 - Flags: first-review?(mtschrep)
Attachment #228228 - Flags: first-review?(mtschrep) → first-review?(clouserw)
Summary: AUS Needs to support recieving platform information in urls → AUS needs to support receiving platform information in URLs
Attachment #228228 - Flags: first-review?(clouserw) → first-review+
This has been checked in.  Verified lack of regressions, then filed an IT request to push this live.
Depends on: 343715
Whiteboard: 181b1+
This has been pushed into production.  The new URI schema should be handled now.

Also ran regression tests to ensure we did not affect behavior otherwise:
Closed: 14 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Nice work on this guys!
QA Contact: nobody → general
Keywords: fixed1.8.1
eventually, for Fx 3, we'll need to use this code to do things like: -> (major update, if platform is supported) -> (major update, if platform is not supported)

Are there additional changes needed to AUS or patcher to make this happen, or is everything in place, and all we'd need is to specify in a config file that 3.* is not supported on Windows98, for example?
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