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Write interfaces for Web Forms 2.0


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The first thing that has to be done for Web Forms 2.0 is to design and implement an IDL interface for the input element's extensions.  nsIDOMHTMLInputElement is (correctly) frozen, so we can't add to that.

I'm tentatively calling this interface nsIWebForms2InputElement.
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This patch creates two interfaces which Web Forms 2.0 will require:  nsIWebForms2InputElement (for the input-specific fields), and nsIWebForms2FormControl (for all form controls under WF2).

Both of these inherit from HTML interfaces (as WF2 extends HTML4 and XHTML 1.x).
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Meh, I didn't see the interfaces defined in section 7 of WF2.  I'll need to read the spec more closely, and rethink these interfaces.

Hixie:  it may not be advisable to make your interface names the same as currently existing interfaces from DOM 2 HTML.  In particular, froze a lot of these interfaces, so we can't exactly add to them.

Instead, we have to name them differently, as I did in this patch.

Now that's an internal implementation detail, so it may not be valid for your spec.
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Summary: Write interface for Web Forms 2.0 input element → Write interfaces for Web Forms 2.0
I'd rather not add interfaces until we have code that implement and use them.
Okay, then this bug as filed is INVALID.  I'll supply the needed interfaces with each implementation.
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It is advisable to start DOM interface names with nsIDOM* or nsIDOMNS* (the DOM code does some magic based on those prefixes). And no need to add these to domstubs.idl imho.
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