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there is no firefox crop circle


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Firefox is lacking brand presence from high altitudes, making it difficult to gain traction with observers in passing spacecraft and hyper-intelligent space-faring races. It is well established that crop circles are used as a cost-effective channel for communicating to these audiences, and the Firefox logo -- being a circle -- seems to be a natural fit for this form of high-bandwidth consumer messaging.

1. Climb to 10,000ft
2. Look down.


Firefox crop circle.

Apparently there is already some grassroots movement towards resolving this issue (see:, so I'm hopeful that this will be resolved in time for Firefox 2.
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> some grassroots movement

This will not go unpunished.
Assignee: cbeard → mozilla
Something weird just happened... I fell asleep in Manhattan and woke up in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. I can't explain it, but I think something is about to happen. 
I have seen the cirlce, and the circle is great...
Attached image hmmmm.
Alias: cropcircle
Well folks, the aliens have landed. We just got confirmation that the image was viewable from 10,000'. See URL for more details.

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Any way to get google to get digital globe to get a new image of that area so we can view it on google earth? Now that would be sweet!
The whole time we sensed something looking down from above.... no confirmation though.... 
Attached image screenshot
I think it's a fake. I get two of these on loading subject URL.
Attached image Proof
Photo Proof.
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> screenshot
> I think it's a fake. I get two of these on loading subject URL.

I have no idea why you got those messages, but I coppied the images that were being pulled from to the local server so it shouldn't be a problem any more.
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> Proof
I'm not convinced. Most crops are green. That looks like an old brown carpet mill reject.
Oats are not green here in the valley.

Here is an impossible to photoshop angle taken while landing at the site.
Attached image Zoomed out
Suggest for next trunk: Change app name to FireFlax.
I'd suggest FireStOat :)
I've always wanted to file a bug like this. But I was afraid I'd be chastised by the Bugzilla police.
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Shouldn't we mark this as VERIFIED?
Yup! :)

I don't know, it's probably gone by now. Perhaps it needs to be reopened ;)
This hasn't been fixed in Thunderbird.
The bug calls for a *Firefox* crop circle.
Thank you.

Nothing more, than just ...

Thank you.
This is a Firefox 2 crop circle! We need a Firefox 3.5 crop circle!
You mean Firefox 4? Firefox 3.5 is old as hell now.
In that case, we need a Firefox 7 crop circle!
Actually, we need a Firefox 15 crop circle. ;)
And now Firefox 21 crop circle. :D
I think you mean a Firefox 23 crop circle.
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> I think you mean a Firefox 23 crop circle.

Naah...Firefox 24 ;)
You're going to need a totally different crop circle for Firefox 29 now that Australis is here! ^_^

Hello folks, as :sdk mentioned this... We need Firefox 100 crop circle! 💯

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