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Lightning does not work if the old calendar extension is also installed


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If you install Lightning in a Thunderbird profile that already has the calendar extension installed, Lightning will not work correctly.  Symptoms include: large red 'undefined entity' bar at the bottom of the thunderbird window and many javascript errors.

Lightning should notify users of the conflict and disable the extension for them.
Attached patch check and disable (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This patch checks for the presence of a conflict and if it finds one, disables the old extension.  I'm going to try to work on migrating that data later today.
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check and disable

>Index: calendar/lightning/content/ltnCompatibility.xul
>+   - die as a result of the conflict (including messanger-overlay-sidebar.js).
Typo: messenger

I'm not sure I dig the filename, as we're not abbreviating things like that currently.
Could it instead be named something about disabling the old extension?

>Index: calendar/locales/en-US/chrome/lightning/
>+disableExtMessage=You currently have the old calendar extension installed.  This extension and lightning are not compatible.  Disable the old extension?
Capitalize Lightning?

>+disableExtDone=The old calendar extension has been disabled. Thunderbird will now restart.
You probably want to use @MOZ_APP_DISPLAYNAME@ or something instead of hardcoding Thunderbird.

>+disableDoneTitle=Old Extension disabled
Pick a capitalization for Old Calendar Extension. I don't care which, but be consistent.

r1=lilmatt with those fixed.
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check and disable

It seems to me that this patch asks the user to make a choice, but gives them insufficient information about why they would want to choose one way or the other.  In particular, I assume that the only reason that one might want to stick with the old extension is because no automatic data migration is provided from old to new.
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After talking this over with dmose, we decided that we should land the migration stuff first, so that there's no need to present the user with a choice.  Just disabling the old extension would be fine then.
Depends on: 349586
After installing Lightning RC2 over Thundrebird with calendar extension, the layout of the Thunderbird became altered. In the maximized view, the bottom bar (the gray area containing the number of unread mail, the total number of messages etc.) became enlarged occupying the 10-15% of the screen.
I have a laptop w/ SXGA TFT screen using the 1024x768 resolution.  
(In reply to comment #5)

That is the reason why you must disable/uninstall the old Calendar extension as noted on [].
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Fixed by checkin for bug 349586.

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