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Approval: RSS feed handlers for Czech Firefox


(Mozilla Localizations :: cs / Czech, defect)

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(Whiteboard: BD OK to replace en-US readers)

This is a request for approval to change the set of pre-defined web RSS feed readers for Czech Firefox 2 to:

2. (Jyxo)
3. Bloglines is the biggest Czech portal (has a partnership with MoCo and distributes its branded FF builds). We have also Seznam search engine in FF. is a popular RSS feed agregator/reader from We have also Jyxo search engine in FF.

Yahoo is not used in Czech at all, neither its RSS reader. We don't even have Yahoo search engine in FF.
According to my research Bloglines is quite popular among experienced Czech users. On the other hand, I have no info that Google Reader is widly used, so to be consistent in nubers of RSS reeders, I would suggest to remove it.

Niether CZilla (Czech Mozilla Project) nor Mozilla Corporation have no kind of financial or contractual relationship with Mozilla Corporation has some kind of experimental partership (the agreement was made by John Lilly) with

I can speak on behalf of, so if a wriiten authorization from Seznam is needed, I can write some. I will ask for an English authorization from to be sent. I have only their informal approval made by IM.
Whiteboard: [needs-mic] replace en-US readers?
Blocks: fx20feeds
note to all: this has been reviewed for FF2 from BD and is good to go 
   (given what Pavel has written and that we are using these folks in the search     
    engine so already have a relationship with them)
I need contact information for both 1. and 2. (Jyxo) AND confirmation in this bug that they are AWARE and OK with us using them in FF2

Whiteboard: [needs-mic] replace en-US readers? → BD OK to replace en-US readers
Blocks: fx20readers
No longer blocks: fx20feeds
The contact email for Seznam is or, and I'm confirming as a Seznam PM that Seznam is OK with Mozilla using Seznam's RSS web reader.
I confirmed it to Pavel Franc by e-mail and I also confirm it here - we agree with the inclusion of to Firefox 2.0. Thank you...
Michal Illich, Jyxo
Since BD is OK and both confirmations are posted, I'm closing this bug. 
Closed: 17 years ago
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