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copying style="text-transform: uppercase;" doesn't preserve transformation when pasting as text


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On <URL:resource:/res/samples/test0.html>, try copying the first few lines of  
to the "text styles" section.  It copies them without applying the text 

(Is that intended behavior?  IE does it like that too.)
This refers to constructs like the following:
 <SPAN style="text-transform: capitalize;">
  this text was capitalized &aring; &egrave;

Yes, this would be my bug.  We don't guarantee anything about preserving style
in copy/paste ... but in this particular case, where style is inline in the span
tag, it seems like it would be easy to do.  No guarantees, but I'll check in a
quick fix if I find one, otherwise helpwanted.
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Are you all *sure* this isn't 'invalid'? In my opinion, it should be.
I don't think it's invalid -- it would be nice to be able to copy the style,
perhaps optionally based on the input flags.  But it's also a pie-in-the-sky RFE.

Handing off to anthonyd, who is taking over Output bugs.
Assignee: akkana → anthonyd
See also bug 39098, which wants invisible elements to not be copied.
--> kin
Assignee: anthonyd → kin
Keywords: testcase
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Duplicate of this bug: 482682
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Since we preserve inline styles when pasting in HTML context, I'm clarifying (morphing?) this to be about HTML->Text conversion case:

1. Open the attached testcase
2. Select all, copy
3. Switch to a plain text editor, paste

Expected results: "UPPERCASED TEXT" pasted
Actual results: "Uppercased text" pasted
Assignee: kinmoz → nobody
Component: Selection → Serializers
Keywords: helpwanted
Priority: P3 → --
Summary: copying style="text-transform: uppercase;" doesn't preserve transformation → copying style="text-transform: uppercase;" doesn't preserve transformation when pasting as text
I believe the existing behavior is not user-friendly. Users expect that Firefox would preserve the text that they see on the screen. Arguments that web developers could use capitalized text don't always apply. The reason I'm writing here is because I'm trying to put instructions to a Mediawiki based system that should include capitalized username, and I have no other way to do it apart from using styles. If Firefox users cut and paste my instructions to the command line, they would end up running a wrong command.

Chrome and other Webkit based browsers do the right thing. This is the fixed bug for Webkit

Attempts to reverse that behavior have not been met with enthusiasm:
I encourage you to retain the existing behavior.

The presumption is that the raw text is the correct copy, and that styling it to upper case is just that -- style. When I copy text and paste it into a text editor, it sheds all style, and text case should be part of that.

I wrote a thing on this in 2012 and my own frustrations with how WebKit behaves (and testing examples):

I also find (anecdotal, I know) that many people who choose to style text as all-caps do so with a corresponding typeface that mitigates the visual harshness or intensity. Copying text with the all-caps style and pasting it into another context, especially lacking a specified typeface, can result in a change in perceived meaning.
Although text-transform is part of the "style"sheet, it is not stylistic in the same way that say, bold or italics are. Text case is clear semantic information about the plain text, and can even change the grammatical meaning of the sentence.

Also, without inspecting the HTML of the document there is no visible difference between 'UPPERCASE' and '<span style="text-transform:uppercase;">uppercase</span>', so the user can't possible expect them to copy as different text.
Not also that as of FF 45, the Node.innerText property has been implemented which returns upper case text for text-transform:uppercase, as does WebKit/Blink. According to MDN, Node.innerText "approximates the text the user would get if they highlighted the contents of the element with the cursor and then copied to the clipboard." - so the clipboard should behave like Node.innerText.
CSSWG has resolved that text-transform doesn't apply to plain text copy paste:
And the spec text has now been changed:
Closed: Last year
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