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set up tinderboxes to run TUnit


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Short term, I think we need dedicated tinderboxes to run the TUnit tests.  What do I need to do to escalate this to a high-enough priority so that it gets done in the next week or so?

We'd need windows, linux, and mac, in that priority order.  Each box would need to continuously build trunk with a modified mozconfig (to enable tests and disable static), and report the results to the tinderbox server such that developers would know if the tests fail.

Longer term, these build boxes would run additional tests even after we move the TUnit tests back to the regular tinderboxes.
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I've setup a Windows build for this on fxexp-win32-tbox. It should begin reporting  to the MozillaExperimental tinderbox tree shortly.
coop, is the mozconfig in the public cvs?
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> coop, is the mozconfig in the public cvs?

Not yet, but since I'm signed up to do bug 337362 too, it will be soon. BTW, you'll be able to see the mozconfig at the head of the tinderbox log in case there are any problems with it the meantime. 

Essentially, I just copied over the existing trunk cairo mozconfig and changed it to run with --enable-tests and --disable-static (and commented out the update-packaging stuff).

latest log from that box shows

"Skipping Mozilla tests."

at the end.  Did you set $RunUnitTests to 1 in the tinderconfig?

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> at the end.  Did you set $RunUnitTests to 1 in the tinderconfig?

Any other undocumented things I should be adding/changing to these config files while I'm at it?
As I mentioned to coop on IRC, I think the problem is that $RunMozillaTests isn't set.
It's not dedicated to TUnit, but sea-linux-tbox in now running TUnit instead of lhasa. Reports are going to
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We've also got tests going to MozillaTest from the new VMs IT setup last week.

We're planning on moving these someplace more permanent once I've got the buildbots configured properly. Not sure where yet, but...
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