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Allow Seamonkey Mail to be launched from iPhoto


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According to the website referenced in the URL, it's not possible for iPhoto to call Seamonkey Mail because Seamonkey isn't AppleScriptable.  The exact text from the web page is:

"As of this writing, and as far as I know, mail clients not supported by this patch are not AppleScriptable (or at least, not AppleScriptable enough to allow the creation of new messages with attachments), and iPhoto uses AppleScript to interact with mail clients. This is notably the case for Netscape, Mozilla, Thunderbird, and FirstClass Client."

Note that this problem also affects Thunderbird and Camino, but I don't use those products.  You guys really need to come up with a way to easily specify multiple products with one bug/enhancement.

Reproducible: Always
Bugs which affect multiple products, can normally be filed in Core (under Other Products). I don't know though what the fix for this is (if one fix for all products by is enough or if you need multiple fixes).
See bug 125419 and it's dependencies for possible dupes.
dumping in XP Apps (where other AppleScript stuff seems to live)
Assignee: general → jag
Blocks: 125419
Component: General → XP Apps
QA Contact: general
Bug 287345 is partly relevant to the specific case in the summary. If you could handle 'odoc' events in mailnews, or if you have a sophisticated enough command-line handler of your own, you could at least get basic functionality (a new message with the image[s]) working.  

Unfortunately, in SeaMonkey's case, intelligently handling the 'odoc' event is going to be difficult, as both the browser and mailnews could reasonably want to handle "opening" a local image, for example, and depending on the task, the user might want either one.

You can look in to see what sort of things iPhoto wants to do, but as I noted above, if you have a command-line option that accept handle multiple attachments and can tell mailnews to create a new message with them, users can get the basic level of "attach all the images to a new mail" working with a simple AppleScript.
Confirming based on previous comments.
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Adding my voice to this - I just spoke to an apple support person who essentially confirmed there is no way to force iPhoto to drive anything else.
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