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Prettyprinting (syntax highlighting) for CSS


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View source does not currently appear to know how to do syntax highlighting CSS. This would be a very useful feature for web developers. Lots of open source editors can do this already, so it probably wouldn't be too hard to find a suitable highlighting method to copy.

I guess this could possibly extend to viewing text/css or .css files as well without using View Source.

(I find it hard to believe that there is not already a bug for this, but I really couldn't find anything like it in Bugzilla)

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Marking this as new because I didn't find any simmilar matches after a few searches. If this is a duplicate them please re-mark it.

-- Ryan
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It would also be nice if the syntax highlighting is extended to the CSS content embedded in HTML source.
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The topic of syntax highlighting came up in a discussion among hobbyist web makers and developers in which I was a facilitator today.

I wanted to add to the record to affirm there is ongoing interest in having syntax highlighting for CSS and JavaScript files. This is especially helpful for beginners who may use view source to better understand web pages, and to developers who want to read an entire CSS and JavaScript file on its own, independent of the additional tools in the debugger.

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