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sl: RSS news feed redirect for Slovene


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The Slovene news feed in Firefox 1.5 was from the Slovene Press Agency. I have sent an email to the agency to ask for continued permission, and while they do allow inclusion in Firefox 2.0, they have alerted me to the fact that they are going to curb public access to their service before the end of the year.
From now on, only the first 100-200 characters (they have yet to decide on the exact number) of the news summaries will be visible to the general public.

So clearly this is not the ideal choice any more.

There are numerous other news providers, and I thought I would ask here what your opinion is regarding the choice of news providers before sending off an email asking for permission.

I have narrowed down the choice to three most popular sites (the other websites seem to have slightly less up-to-date or else too specialised content):
RSS feed:
- This is the website of a commercial TV station. It is the most popular of the three sites, though mostly because the TV station used to broadcast an advertisement for it practically every 10 minutes! 
There is more 'gossipy' content here than in the other two. Often the news content will simply be a video from the station's TV news. Because it is in WMV format, it is not easy to make it work on Linux, so I'm not too fond of that.

RSS feed:
- This is the public/state radio and television website - so if the BBC is chosen for the en-US Firefox, this might be the equivalent.

RSS feed:
- This is the website of the largest newspaper in the country. It may also be slightly 'behind' current events compared to the other two. I don't like the fact that it requires you to register to read older news and I don't like their newspaper subscription tactics (they just started sending one of their newspapers to my mum (and that's not the only case I know of this) and then the bills for that even though she had never subscribed - they wanted her to cancel the subscription in writing, but they never had the subscription itself! Crazy!).

I personally use RTVSLO as my primary source of news, so I'm used to the look of the website and if it were up to me, I'd choose that. But I'd like to hear what your opinions are about the issue before asking them for permission to use their RSS feed.
RTVSLO looks good from a no-idea view, just graphical and layout.

Mic, any opinion on your side?

CCing Brian King, too, who's in Slovenia these days and may have an opinion to voice as well.
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i agree about rtvslo - it seems to be the most inline with BBC type of news feeds (supposedly more impartial, up to date, and less commercial)
Right now, we have the redirect to sta up, which is 1.5-compat and better than nothing.

Seems like the vote is clearly to try to go to rtvslo, Aleks, could you contact them to try to get their permission and a contact information for Mic? Then we could make the move.
I'd say that we should try to get this into 2.0, but I'll cut the dependency on the release bug if I had to, as the change of service from sta gives us a good argument to change the feed during the 2.0 lifecycle, too.
Setting severity to enhancement to at least slightly indicate that without totally loosing this bug on our radar.
Severity: normal → enhancement
Whiteboard: [needs-mic] feedback needed → Need contact and permission from RTVSLO, not blocking fx2.0.
OK, great, I have sent an e-mail to the RTVSLO webmaster and I hope to get a reply shortly.
Another option is Of the original three that Aleks listed, RTVSLO does seem like the best pick. However, I can't vouch for the quality/impartiality of the news, because I never read it!
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After not hearing back from RTVSLO in over three weeks (despite sending several emails), we decided to ask as well, and they replied in less than an hour saying that they're very excited about the idea. So I think it makes most sense for the sl Firefox to forward to the RSS feed.

Here is their email (dated Friday 6 October 2006 13:37:56 CEST):
"Absolutno! Podpiramo in smo za!

Kakšne podatke moramo poslati? Imamo tako RSS celotne "live vsebine"
lahko pa dodamo tudi po posameznih rubrikah! Kaj vam bolj ustreza?
Glede tehničnih podrobnosti se prosim dogovorite s Samotom.


Vasja Zupan
Direktor projekta POP OnLine //
Managing Director of POP OnLine Project
Phone:                  +386 / 1 / 589 32 14
Fax:                    +386 / 1 / 534 11 21

PRO PLUS, d.o.o.
Kranjceva 26, SI - 1521 Ljubljana

They also seem to be willing to promote Firefox on their website (I think by posting a news item when Firefox 2 in Slovene is released, or else a banner ad, I'm not sure which).

Do you think this is OK?
Mic, should we go for
Whiteboard: Need contact and permission from RTVSLO, not blocking fx2.0. → [needs-mic] OK?
very sorry for delay in my response.
24ur - sounds great from BD, they're a good local feed and they are motivated to be part of FF, what better combination :-)
Added to the wiki, should be part of next update to redirects.
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The redirect is now working. Thanks everyone. :)
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